Lambeth residents fight to save their estate

Residents from Cressingham Gardens Estate in South London plan marched to Lambeth Town Hall in protest at plans to regenerate the estate which could lead to the partial or complete demolition of nearly 300 homes.

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Estate residents say they don't want to lose community spirit

Campaigners from the Cressingham Gardens estate staged a march to Lambeth Town Hall. Credit: ITV News

Residents on the Cressingham Gardens Estate in Lambeth have been explaining why they want to halt plans by the council to redevelop the estate. They say they don't want to lose the community spirit that has built up amongst the residents.

We've all known each for quite a number of years and we all look after each other. It really is community spirit and everybody gets on very well with each other.

– Michael O'Keeffe, Cressingham Gardens resident
Michael O'Keeffe is protesting against plans to demolish his estate. Credit: ITV News

Lambeth Council's plans could involve demolishing many of their homes which means the residents would have to live elsewhere while the regeneration work is going on.

It's soul-destroying, really. I mean it's heart-breaking because imagine, we've all known each other round here for such a number of years and suddenly we're going to be thrown to the four corners of the wind and we may never see each other again.

– Michael O'Keeffe, Cressingham Gardens resident

Lambeth Council says it wants to create extra homes at Cressingham Gardens

Lambeth Council has responded to residents at the Cressingham Gardens estate who are campaigning against a plan to demolish their homes.

The council says it wants to build more properties for people who are waiting for homes on its housing register.

Lambeth is committed to good quality housing for all residents and we are looking into how to best fund the urgently needed refurbishment of homes at Cressingham Gardens. Residents have been consulted throughout, and will continue to be fully involved. There are two priorities for Cressingham Gardens - the first is to improve the condition of homes for existing residents. The second is to look at opportunities to create new homes at council rent to help some of the 21,000 people waiting on our housing register - many of whom live in overcrowded conditions.

– Lambeth Council


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