Fighter jets scrambled to intercept plane trigger boom

The loud bang was heard in Dartford, Sidcup Sevenoaks and Tonbridge as the RAF Typhoons broke the sound barrier.

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Sonic boom from RAF Typhoon jets captured on CCTV

The sonic boom created by two RAF Typhoon jets scrambled to escort a Latvian jet has been captured on CCTV in East Sussex.

The sound was picked up by a camera at the home of Iain Dodsworth in Crowborough.

He tweeted: "Thought it was the house collapsing".

Footage credit: Iain Dodsworth

Audio: RAF pilot 'confronts Latvian plane'

Aviation enthusiasts EGXWinfo Group have posted an audio clip online, which they claim to be a recording of an RAF pilot trying to make contact with the Latvian plane.

In it, the pilot warns that the plane will be shot down if it does not follow his instructions.

The Ministry of Defence refused to confirm or deny whether the audio was genuine.

Audio from SoundCloud/The EGXWinfo Group


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