Cause of Charing Cross fire under investigation

The cause of a fire at Charing Cross on board a Southeastern train is being investigated. The station had to be evacuated and passengers faced major disruption, after the fire, which was thought to have been connected to an electrical fault, broke out at the front of the train.

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Passengers describe initial fear that train fire was bomb

Eileen Harris, 60 was on the train to travel to Tunbridge Wells in Kent when the fire started.

She described the chaos when the fire broke out and how some of those on board initially feared it was a bomb.

Suddenly the doors burst open and a woman ran through shouting there's a bomb on the train, everybody get off. We ran away towards the opposite end of the station because I thought that if there was a bomb, they'd probably take out the concourse. But the staff kept saying to us come back in and we really didn't want to come back through the station, because by then there was thick smoke.

Where the fire was there were big bangs and pops and flashes. And the smoke, the smoke was the worst thing.

– Eileen Harris, passenger

Mrs Harris' 26-year-old son Daniel was travelling with her on the train:

There was fire and lots of thick smoke, so we assumed that there was a bomb ripping through the train. People were running through the train, and my first thought was the reason they're running down the train is because they can't get off. No-one really knew what was going on.

– Daniel Harris, passenger

Passenger talks of fire ordeal

A passenger who was on the Southeastern train which caught fire at Charing Cross this morning has spoken of his ordeal.

Vincenzo Minore, who is from west London and the CEO for cosmetics company Soap and Glory, was on board with his wife, two children and in-laws, when the fire broke out.

I was sitting on the train with my family when there was a blast and a lot of light. You could see the fire - it was not like a normal fire, it was pushing out and consistently burning.

We walked away from the fire but it was in the wrong direction. The security services arrived quickly and escorted us out. We had to walk right past the fire which was quite worrying.

– Vincenzo Minore


Passenger at Charing Cross describes 'huge noise'

A passenger has described how he arrived on platform four this morning to hear 'a huge noise' from platform six.

Neil Hurle, who took the photo below, went on to say how he was marshalled onto the concourse, before being evacuated and that it appeared the fire was coming from the tracks.

The train fire broke out on a train at Charing Cross this morning. Credit: Twitter: Neil Hurle

Shocking footage of Charing Cross train fire

Dramatic footage taken by a passenger shows a fire breaking out on a Southeastern train.

Vincenzo Minore, the CEO of cosmetics company Soap and Glory, was on board the train when the fire broke out. He tweeted that he was 'ready to go when blasted'.

The station was evacuated and 100 people led to safety. There were no injuries and the cause is being investigated.

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This mobile footage was taken by Vincenzo Minore after a fire broke out on a South Western train at Charing Cross station this morning.


Charing Cross evacuated after train fire

Charing Cross station has been evacuated after a fire on a Southeastern train.

Firefighters arrived at the scene within the last hour and around a hundred people were led from the building.

The first carriage of the train was damaged but there were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is being investigated and London Fire Brigade says the incident has now been dealt with.

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