Sadiq Khan to stand down as MP for Tooting after mayoral victory

Newly-elected London mayor Sadiq Khan has said he will stand down as MP for Tooting after 11 years.

He was officially sworn in as mayor at Southwark Cathedral, and said he "can't quite believe the last 24 hours".

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Sadiq Khan: 'We have to get on, London is more important than party politics'

Sadiq Khan has said he will stand down as MP for Tooting after being sworn in as the new mayor of London.

The Labour politician has been Tooting’s MP since 2005.

Following a fractious campaign, he told Simon Harris he and Conservative peers had "to get on, because London is more important than party political differences”.

Beaten mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith makes no comment as he leaves home

Beaten London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has made no comment as he left his home.

The Conservative polled second, with 43.2% of the vote once second preferences were counted, making a brief speech at City Hall following the post-midnight announcement.

But he refused to answer any questions this morning.


'Full and urgent inquiry' demanded after voters in Barnet turned away

A “full and urgent inquiry” is being demanded after voters across Barnet were turned away because of a council blunder.

Some voters in Barnet were not able to vote when they arrived at their polling station Credit: PA

Names were missing from polling lists and residents who attempted to cast their vote were stopped.

People affected were later offered emergency proxy votes.

The leader of the Conservative group in the London Assembly, Gareth Bacon, claimed any lost votes could have affected the allocation of London-wide seats.

To have voters turned away for any reason is completely unacceptable.

We are demanding a full explanation for this abysmal administrative performance.

London Elects and Barnet Council have had four years to plan for this but they both failed to get it right when it mattered and the voting public has suffered.

– Gareth Bacon, leader of the Conservative group in the London Assembly

'My name is Sadiq Khan and I'm the mayor of London' - Khan's speech at swearing in

Newly elected mayor Sadiq Khan said he "can't quite believe the last 24 hours" as he was sworn in at Southwark Cathedral.

Introduced by Doreen Lawrence, applause erupted as he opened by saying: "My name is Sadiq Khan and I'm the mayor of London."

I'm determined to lead the most transparent, engaged and accessible administration London has ever seen, and represent every single community and every single part of our city as mayor for all Londoners.

I promise you that I’ll always do everything in my power to make our city better.

– Sadiq Khan


Doreen Lawrence hails a 'glorious day'

Doreen Lawrence, the mother of teenager Stephen Lawrence who was murdered in 1993, has hailed the election of Sadiq Khan as mayor.

Doreen Lawrence at Southwark Cathedral Credit: ITV London

Describing today as a "glorious day" as she introduced him for his signing in at Southwark Cathedral, she added:

I never imagined in my lifetime I could have a mayor of London from an ethnic minority background. It is an amazing sign of how far our city has come.

London is a city that not only tolerates but celebrates diversity.

A city that’s chosen unity over division and hope over fear. A city that’s chosen a mayor for all Londoners.

– Doreen Lawrence

'Tired' Khan sets out for his first day as London mayor

Newly elected London mayor Sadiq Khan has left for his first day in his new job pledging to be a "mayor for all Londoners".

Saying he was "tired" after weeks of campaigning and a result which came after midnight, he told reporters outside his home his priority was "to try to get to the office".

I look forward to working with everyone to make sure I can be a mayor for all Londoners.

– Sadiq Khan
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