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Mixed race communities 'hold the key' to saving Sonia's life

Beverley De-Gale OBE, the co-founder of the bone marrow and blood donation charity ACLT, says:

"Sonia is under no illusions having experienced heartbreak, seeing her mother increasingly debilitated from leukaemia.....

"....A bone marrow transplant represents the greatest chance now for her and her family not having to suffer the consequence of her mother a little over a year ago.

"If you share any of Sonia's racial hertiage, I urge you to contact the ACLT to register as a bone marrow donor or to attend our forthcoming bone marrow recruitment drives being held in Shepherds Bush and Notting Hill on February 26th and March 2nd respectively, in Sonia's name.

"Sonia needs an unrelated bone marrow donor NOW and the black, Indian, Chinese and mixed race communities hold the key to help Sonia beat the disease and most importantly to save her life.

"It's Sonia today, but tomorrow Sonia could be someone you know and love dearly and so please take the time to think seriously about completing a short application and giving a small saliva or blood sample to see if you could save Sonia's life."