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Banksy responds to 'disgusting' London exhibition

Banksy has posted an anonymous message online attacking the London exhibition due to showcase his work.

The collection of work, which was removed from walls across the country, went on display in the 'Stealing Banksy' exhibition at a London hotel today.

The street artist claimed the show had been organised "without the involvement or consent of the artist" in a message posted on

Banksy posted this anonymous message in response to the exhibition. Credit: Banksy

Not a Banksy, but it gets the artist's rare seal of approval

At first glimpse you could be forgiven for thinking that artist Banksy had struck again on the streets of London. A distinctive image of a man in a bowler hat, holding a green tea cup, has appeared next to a phone box in Shepherd's Bush.

But Banksy has played down speculation that he's behind the work of art on Wells Road. In a brief and rare statement on Twitter he said: "Not by banksy, but I like it."


Artwork to be auctioned

The artwork is now to be auctioned by the Sincura Group - the same company which arranged the sale of Banksy's "Slave Labour" in May.

The Sincura Group claims the street graffiti has been "salvaged for renovation" and is now under their management. A statement on its website reads:

"A number of attempts have been made over the past to deface the piece...

"With extensive building works taking place in the local vicinity, and further concerns upon its safety, the piece has been removed to be sensitively restored to its former glory."

It added that it intends to sell the artwork, created by street artist Banksy in 2009, next year and in the meantime it has been "gifted" to a local charity.

Second Banksy removed from wall in north London

Residents in Tottenham are furious after another piece of their heritage was taken away from them.

The work by Banksy - called 'No Ball Games' - was spared onto a wall four years ago. It's believed the same group responsible for auctioning another piece are behind the removal.

'Slave Labour' was removed from a wall in Wood Green last February and sold for around £750,000.

Watch the video of the art being moved from Tottenham, below.

Banksy auction

Love is in the air Credit: Bonhams

An iconic spray paint work by the graffiti artist Banksy will be offered at Bonhams sale today where it is expected to fetch as much as £100,000.

Love is in the Air is one of the artist's most famous motifs.

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