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Police appeal after pensioner hit by car

Police are appealing for witnesses to a road traffic collision involving a pedestrian which occurred close to Morrisons supermarket in Grays.

The incident occurred shortly after 7.20am on Friday when a black Renault Clio hit an 81-year-old woman.

The pedestrian was taken to hospital in Basildon for treatment to ankle and hip injuries.

The driver of the car was unhurt. Anyone who saw the collision or who went to assist in the aftermath is asked to call Essex Police on 101.

Warning notice issued to Basildon Hospital

Andrea Gordon from the Care Quality Commission said:

"We were pleased to see some improvements had been made and it is important that these are now embedded and sustained.

"However, we also found the trust needed to carry out more work in relation to how it assesses and assures itself of the quality of its own service. In light of this CQC has issued a warning asking the trust to ensure improvements are made in relation to this.

"Our inspectors will be returning in the near future to check on whether this further work has been effectively completed."


Further action needed on waiting times for children

The Care Quality Commission has also called for further action on the amount of time it takes for children to be seen by doctors.

The report says:

"Registration of children in the A&E department was not ideal as they had to queue with adults at times and following assessment out of hours , the children's waiting area was not visible to staff. The A&E reception area was crowded at times and we saw sporadic and changeable A&E assessment practices in the front reception area. It was difficult to visualise all parts of the waiting area. This could mean that a deteriorating patient may not be noticed quickly which is a concern.

"Children who attended as out patients for dermatology, orthopaedic and Ear Nose and Throat appointments were not seen in the dedicated paediatric out patient clinic. This was not good practice and is against NICE guidance."

"Ineffective risk management practices" at hospital

The CQC's report criticised risk management practices at the hospital:

"In the paediatric department we found ineffective risk management practices such as incomplete risk registers, action plans not signed off or made clear as to who was accountable for ensuring actions were taken....Poor practices and behaviours were left unchallenged. Lessons were not learned and staff morale was undermined."

Basildon Hospital has been served a warning notice, to be met by the 13th of August 2013.

Call for further improvements at Basildon Hospital

A new report by the Care Quality Commission says that further improvements are needed at Basildon Hospital. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Basildon Hospital has been told it still needs to make improvements, following another inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

In November last year, warnings were issued to the Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals Trust about issues in the following areas:

  • Storage of medicines. Some medicines were out of date.

  • Children waiting too long to be seen by doctors.

  • Learning from past mistakes.

A further inspection in January this year found that, while improvements had been made in the storage of medicines, action was still needed in the other two areas.

The hospital has also been told to improve its cleanliness and infection control.

Did a delay cost this woman her life?

Pamela Chapple went to hospital and was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage.

But what happened next could have cost her her life.

At Basildon A&E Pamela Chapple's family were told an ambulance was on its way to transfer her for life-saving surgery.

When it didn't appear the family say they were told her condition would have to deteriorate before an ambulance was called.

Hours later when she was operated on, her son asked the surgeon if more could have been done if she'd had surgery earlier.

The surgeon said 'undoubtedly yes'. A week later she died.

Tonight the trust which runs Basildon said it believed Mrs Chapple received a good standard of care at all times.

Liz Wickham has the story.


Claims of appalling standards at Basildon Hospital

New claims have emerged of appalling standards of care at an Essex hospital, that's already been warned about its persistently high death rates.

The family of a man who's currently being treated at a Basildon Hospital say he's suffered multiple infections and staff have failed to change soiled sheets and help him eat and drink.

They've been speaking exclusively to our reporter, Tom Barton.

After "The Battle of Dale Farm"

It was branded "The Battle of Dale Farm". Pictures of police in riot gear clearing Europe's biggest illegal site for travellers were seen around the world.

Basildon Council in Essex had spent years to achieve the eviction and reckoned the final bill was £18m.

So why, just 16 months later, has that same council just approved a new travellers' camp less than half a mile away? Rags Martel reports.

Planning permission granted for traveller site in Basildon

Basildon Council has approved a new travellers' camp just 16 months after completing a multi-million pound eviction from the notorious Dale Farm site.

The new camp is less than half a mile away from the farm that was cleared after a very public fight by local residents.

Cllr Tony Ball, the Leader of Basildon Council, told ITV News that each planning application was considered on its individual merits.

Rags Martel has the details.

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