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Royal at event aimed at bringing communities together

Prince of Wales. Credit: London Tonight

Nicholas Okwulu, a Community Enabler for a local organisation, has previously organised Big Lunches in Brixton and Peckham and runs projects that are socially inclusive and aim to improve the lives of people in Peckham.

Today's event brought people together from three different estates and had a significant and lasting impact on the community.

This event was funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Community events such as this Christmas celebration are successful in bringing different people together in the wider Peckham community, particularly those who may be isolated.


Royals get taster of Tower Hamlets community events

Prince of Wales. Credit: London Tonight

Margaret Cox and other residents from the Hollybush Estate in Tower Hamlets are putting on a Christmas event for their community, following the success of their Big Lunch this summer.

The residents are delivering hampers to the older residents on the estate, which will include fresh vegetables from their allotment, jam made using fruit from their orchard, Strawberry Fields, and other festive goodies.

Royal couple visit London community projects

Prince of Wales. Credit: London Tonight

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have visited community volunteers at the Hollybush Estate, Bethnal Green and the Everlasting Arms Ministry, Peckham.

Duchess of Cornwall. Credit: London Tonight

Rocky Gardens on the Hollybush Estate is part of the Capital Growth scheme and provides free plots to residents to grow their own produce. Margaret Cox is a full-time volunteer in Tower Hamlets and works closely with local groups, voluntary organisations and schools.

Through her work, the estate now has a local nature reserve and 79 community growing spaces. These improvements have transformed the area and helped to alleviate the anti-social behaviour.

  1. Ronke Phillips, Crime Correspondent

Son who beat mother jailed for one year

Son who beat his mother because he believed she waspossessed jailed for a year. Son in law gets 9 months. The victim's husband, Ahmed Hussain, son Mohammed Kayes Hussain and son-in-law Muhammed Aziz were all found guilty of assault.

The court heard that the victim was tied to a bed and beaten continuously with a walking stick by an Iman who has never been traced.


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