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Mayor faces questions on budget

Sadiq Khan will face questions from the London Assembly today about his plans for London's budget.

The Mayor's budget includes the capital's Police and Fire Services as well as transport and the environment.

Mr Khan will call on the Assembly to join his campaign against national Government cuts to the Met's funding.

Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/PA Images


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Mum to Clegg: 'You probably think I do a worthless job'

An angry stay-at-home mother attacked the Deputy Prime Minister during his weekly radio phone-in on LBC 97.3, accusing him of thinking what she did was a "worthless job".

The caller, named as Laura from East Dulwich, said to Nick Clegg: "I'm just wondering why the coalition is discriminating against mothers like me who care for their children at home, with the latest announcements?"

Her scathing attack came after it was announced in the Budget that a tax-free childcare scheme worth £1,200 a child for parents earning up to £150,000 would come into effect from 2015.


Evening Standard apologises after premature Budget report

The editor of the London Evening Standard has apologised today and launched an investigation after details of the Budget were published on Twitter before the Chancellor's speech. Sarah Sands has said a staff member had been suspended.

The paper had been given a copy of the Budget but agreed not to publish it until the Chancellor had presented it in the House of Commons. However, a copy of the Standard's front page appeared online before George Osborne spoke.

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