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Rakesh Bhayani 'ruthlessly targeted' Carole Waugh

Sentencing Rakesh Bhayani for the murder of Carole Waugh, Mr Justice Wilkie said he "ruthlessly targeted" Ms Waugh and "left her body to rot".

He said the murder and subsequent dumping of the body was done with "greed, callousness and total lack of any regard" for her.

Carole Waugh. Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The murder was "arising out of an argument about money", and the judge described Ms Waugh as a "risk-taker and manifestly vulnerable to conmen".

He said: "Without a second thought, you calmly and comprehensively set about stealing her identity.

"You took steps to ensure her body would not be found for a sufficient time."

Mr Justice Wilkie said Bhayani embarked on the complete "asset-stripping of her persona".

Ms Waugh's family were in court for the sentencing and heard the murder was "not premeditated or pre-planned".


Conman jailed for life over Carole Waugh murder

Conman Rakesh Bhayani has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 27 years for murdering wealthy Carole Waugh, dumping her body in a car and spending her money.

Rakesh Bhayani Credit: Metropolitan Police

Police described Bhayani as "a confidence trickster who murdered her with the sole intention of stripping her assets and the belongings she had worked hard for".

The conman guilty of murdering a wealthy woman

A conman has been found guilty of murdering a wealthy woman who was stabbed to death in her flat and whose body was hidden in the boot of a car. 41-year-old Rakesh Bhayani was convicted of killing Carole Waugh.

Rakesh Bhayani Credit: Metropolitan Police

Co-accused, Nicholas Kutner, was found not guilty of murder but guilty of perverting the course of justice by concealing the death.

Nicholas Kutner Credit: Metropolitan Police


Former oil executive 'murdered for her assets'

A wealthy woman was murdered in central London by two professional conmen with gambling habits, who then recruited women to impersonate her so they could take her goods as well as her life, a court has heard.

Her body was found in a garage in New Malden three months after she disappeared.

The court heard she was targeted by conmen who recruited women to impersonate her so they could steal from her.

Luke Hanrahan reports from court:

Trial adjorned in Carole Waugh murder case

The prosecutor in the case of a wealthy woman murdered in central London has said Carole Waugh was something of a Walter Mitty character, with rather fanciful notions about herself.

"She was prone to exaggeration, about her jobs in the past or her jobs in the future", Patrick Gibbs QC said.

In the last 18 months of her life she met a lot of men through adult work, calling herself Sam. Her user name on a website was posh totty fun, and she wrote that she was not a professional, but an enthusiastic amateur, offering a true girlfriend experience, and interested in good clean adult fun.

The trial was adjourned until 10am on Monday.

Waugh 'put in car boot and left in various car parks'

A wealthy woman appears to have been stabbed in the neck and murdered in her central London flat, a court heard today. Prosecutor Patrick Gibbs said that Carole Waugh seemed to have been killed on or by her bed. He added:

In all likelihood she was killed in her bedroom, wrapped in whatever was to hand, and then later crammed into a large holdall, put in the boot of an old car, and left in various car parks.

It looks as if her killers were hoping to dispose of the body in a secluded spot in the Cotswolds, but seem to have thought better of it and used a garage in New Malden, which had been rented for the purpose.

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