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Your views: Should restaurants ban e-cigarettes?

You've been telling us what you think about people using e-cigarettes in public places, such as restaurants. Join the debate @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Kimberley Winter-Sullivan I use an e-cigarette and would be more then happy to go outside to use it!

Jaz Phillips I don't smoke myself but I stay in the same room as someone that uses E-CIG & has no effect on me at all this is so stupid if they want to lose custom there going the right way about it.

1.3 million people using e-cigarettes across the UK

  • Electronic cigarettes will be classified as "medicines" under new proposals to tighten up the regulation of the products
  • It is estimated that 1.3 million people across the UK use the product, which leaves users inhaling a mist of nicotine instead of smoke
  • The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency will regulate e-cigarettes so there is a consistent amount of nicotine in all licensed products sold over the counter

London restaurants consider E-Cigarette ban

Some of London's top restaurants reportedly want diners to go outside if they want to puff on electronic cigarettes.

Chez Bruce in Wandsworth Credit: Google Street View

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Bruce Poole, from Michelin starred Chez Bruce said: "We weren't particularly happy about this when it happened for the first time quite recently, because [the e-cigarette] looked real and even gave off an admittedly odourless vapour.

"We chose to do nothing but it caused a few raised eyebrows".

Lansley: Mind 'open' over cigarette proposals

Designs on packets such as these could become extinct in UK shops if new laws are passed

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said his mind is "open" over proposals to strip cigarette packets of branding as a consultation on the plans was launched.

Mr Lansley invited people to give their views on whether branded cigarette packaging should disappear from the shelves.

"We are going to consult on whether we think it will work," he told Daybreak.

"It is an open question at the moment. This is a particular issue .. we have got a whole range of measures to try and reduce tobacco smoking in this country and control tobacco.

"Would plain packaging of the type you are demonstrating, would it offer a significant additional health benefit? At the moment actually our minds are open on this subject - mine too."