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Dynamo: wires were just for 'health and safety'

Illusionist Dynamo has defended his levitation stunt at the Shard, after photos emerged clearly showing wires holding him up.

He told The Sun newspaper: “That was a rehearsal and we used those wires for health and safety,” he told The Sun. “It's a shame a picture went out, but that's the world we live in." He added: “The stunt we filmed for the show will give people something to think about when they see the full effect.”


Dynamo's daring London stunt

Dynamo 'levitates' next to a bus in London Credit: Pepsi MAX

He's one of the world's most famous magicians, and Dynamo has performed his latest stunt using a London bus as his prop. He levitated on the double decker as it drove through London, starting at Millbank and taking in Parliament Square and WestminsterBridge.

The star traveled through the capital on a moving double decker Credit: Pepsi MAX

Dynamo was launching the new 'Live for Now' campaign for Pepsi MAX.