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Harry Potter star backs Eddie Izzard for London Mayor

Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, is supporting Eddie Izzard's bid to become London Mayor. The 51-year-old comedian is seeking the Labour nomination for Mayor of London in 2019.

Eddie Izzard and Daniel Radcliffe Credit: Press Association

Speaking to the Radio Times, Daniel Radcliffe said he was disillusioned by party politics:

"I'm not an affiliate of any party. I do vote - I think it's important. The first time I voted, I felt I had graduated as a full member of society. But politics is disillusioning; it's just bickering, it's exhausting.

"I think the next thing I'm going to get excited about is Eddie Izzard running for London mayor. He's really interesting, super-smart and brings a huge amount of integrity - something that we definitely don't have today."


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Your views: Eddie Izzard to run for London Mayor

Izzard 'ready' to run for Mayor

Comedian Eddie Izzard has said he is prepared to take the flak for wanting to pursue a career in politics.

The 51-year-old is seeking the Labour nomination for Mayor of London in 2019 and if he does not get the endorsement he hopes to stand as an MP.

"People say, 'Well, you're a bit woolly' and 'You're really not informed'; 'You're not this' and 'You're not that'. But I realise those attacks are going to happen and you have to push through to get to a better place."

– Eddie Izzard

Izzard, who previously campaigned for Ken Livingstone to be mayor, criticised current London Mayor Boris Johnson, saying: "Boris is really all about Boris."

The funnyman added: "You know, the whole Boris bike thing is crazy. It was Ken's idea, he saw cycles for hire in France and wanted to set it up, but no-one seems to mention that. It's 'Ken cycles' not "Boris bikes'."