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Victoria station jobseeker is now hiring

A marketing graduate who landed his dream job after holding up a placard at Victoria station has gone back to the same spot to give others a helping hand.

22 year old Alfred Ajani posted the before and after picture on Twitter under the heading "Same spot - different sign". The picture has been re-tweeted hundreds of times and he has been inundated with requests for jobs on the social media site.

Mr Ajani landed a job at a recruitment company in the capital after holding up the original placard in August. He told ITV London at the time that, like many young graduates, he had struggled to find work after university - but the response to his unusual job advert had been "much better than expected", with even the offer of a position in Barcelona.

Disability Confident scheme has already won backing from major businesses

Just 45% of London's disabled people of working age are in work and a new roadshow hopes to bosst these numbers. The Disability Confidence Roadshow will open today fronted by businessman and Falklands veteran Simon Weston.

The event is designed to increase the confidence of London's employers to recruit disabled people in the capital. Sponsored by Barclays Bank it will be attended by companies and businesses such as GlaxcoSmithKline, Morgan Chase, BP and Morgan Stanley

Mr Weston said 'What I want employers to take away from this conference is that disabled people cane be some of your best employees. We're some of the most determined workers, who go the extra mile to secure results.'


How London's recovery compares to other big cities

  • The capital is creating 10 times more private sector jobs than the second fastest growing city, Edinburgh
  • For every one public sector job created in London, two have been lost in other cities across the country
  • After university, one in three 22 to 30 year olds who move city come to London
  • From their early thirties, people begin to move out again as their families start to grow, but 60% of people who move out choose to move to cities in the South East

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London remains Britain's 'economic power house'

The gap between London and other UK cities is widening and we are failing to make the most of cities' economic potential.

Devolving more funding and powers to UK cities so they can generate more of their own income and play to their different strengths will be critical to ensuring this is a sustainable, job-rich recovery.

– Alexandra Jones, chief executive of Centre for Cities

London economy booms while other cities stall

While London the economy in London is beginning to boom, it means cities such as Bradford, Blackpool and Glasgow have seen jobs lost in private and public sectors. Here's how London compares to other cities:

  • There were 216,000 private sector and 66,300 public sector jobs created in London between 2010 and 2012
  • Other cities where jobs have been created in private companies include Nottingham (8,900), Brighton (6,400) and Aberdeen (4,900)
  • However other cities have been hit by cuts in public sector jobs


Company wants candidate with 'disturbed sense of humour'

The PR firm says it is looking for a candidate with the following qualities:

  • You couldn't care less about global warming. In fact, if a meteorite the size of Mexico slammed into our planet tomorrow, you'd rejoice
  • You'll have had a number of run-ins with the law and will have spent at least one night in a police cell
  • A bit of swagger and a disturbed sense of humour are all we're looking for
  • You'll be unafraid to express yourself openly in the office, however bankrupt and distressing your views

New recruits to work with 'fat bloke with drink problem'

A PR firm in central London is looking for new recruits willing to work with "a fat bloke with a drink problem". The bizarre advert by company 'Just In Time', says successful applicants will be on anti-depressants, and not care about global warming, and have spent one night in a police cell.

Advert by 'Just In Time' PR Credit: Just In Time PR

The company says it has been struggling to fill current vacancies, but has now been swamped with applicants.

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