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Mayor Boris Johnson: 'I will be advocating vote leave'

Boris Johnson said he is to campaign for Britain to leave the European Union in the forthcoming in/out referendum.

Mayor Boris Johnson: I will be advocating vote leave Credit: ITV News


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Boris Johnson expected to reveal EU stance tonight

Boris Johnson will announce which campaign he backs at 10pm Credit: PA

Boris Johnson is expected to announce tonight which side of the "Brexit" debate he supports.

It is widely expected the London mayor will come down on the side of Britain leaving the European Union when he reveals his decision in his Daily Telegraph column, which will be tweeted at 10pm.

Today his sister insisted Mr Johnson was not "milking" the announcement for "maximum publicity."

Writer and broadcaster Rachel Johnson said her brother had to make a "very, very hard choice."

"This is an enormously complicated decision for everybody, not just Boris... and his participation in either camp is going to be very significant, and this is why he's taking so long to decide," she told Sky News.


Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith will vote for Brexit

Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith will vote for Britain to exit the EU, his mayoral campaign have confirmed.

Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith will vote for Brexit. Credit: PA

It is understood that Boris Johnson will tweet his decision via his Daily Telegraph column at 10pm

Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan: EU vital for London

Labour Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has said that Britain remaining in the EU is "vital" for London's growth.

Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan: EU vital for London's growth. Credit: PA

There is now no excuse for equivocation on the referendum – campaigning to stay in the EU is vital for London’s growth and jobs and the success of businesses across our city.

Londoners now deserve an answer from Zac Goldsmith about whether he backs London’s jobs and businesses or is willing to jeopardise our city’s prosperity by campaigning for Brexit.

– Sadiq Khan, Labour's candidate for Mayor of London

Caroline Pidgeon: 'It would be insane' to leave EU

Caroline Pidgeon: 'It would be insane' to leave EU. Credit: PA

Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon has said it would be "insane" to leave the EU, responding to news that Britain will vote on a referendum on June 23.

With London the number one business and financial centre in Europe.

It would be insane to leave and would cost tens of thousands of jobs in London alone.

Together the EU has created the world's largest free trade area, delivered peace, and continues to give the Londoners the opportunity to live, work and travel freely.

History shows that London - and Britain - is better when it is united with Europe

– Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon h

The Liberal Democrat candidate said she will make the case for Britain to stay in the EU.