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London is the 7th costliest city for small businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses and London First have launched the first 'Small Businesses Cities Burden Index' to show how London fares against its major international competitors.

The research shows that London is the seventh costliest city for small businesses to carry out business activities in, when compared to major cities in 23 other countries.

The analysis shows London's position is as a result of a high costs burden, although lack of access to finance and infrastructure impediments such as transport were also important factors.


Small businesses 'need greater protection' in London

The Federation of Small Businesses has called on London councils to freeze or reduce their business rates for small businesses in the Capital. A new survey conducted by the FSB found that one in ten of respondents were paying more in business rates than they were in rent.

In some parts of London business rates exceed rent. This is madness and is stifling growth in the London economy. Small businesses are keen to grow and expand but high business rates are holding them back.

How can micro firms be expected to take on staff, invest and grow when business rates are so punitive? Freezing business rates for 2014/15 would provide much needed relief to struggling small firms and be a step in the right direction.

– Sue Terpilowski, London Policy Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses

Hopes map of parking charges will urge council action

A survey found parking charges were the joint top worry for businesses Credit: Westminster Council

It is hoped a new map which allows small businesses to log the effect of parking charges on business will urge councils to take action.

In a survey 75% of small to medium businesses said that parking charges were a major issue for small companies, equal to business rates.

A spokesperson for the FSB said one recent council to make improvements was Wandsworth.

Parking charges were slashed by 50%, this is something the federation wants throughout London, affordable parking to boost trade.

Spokesperson for the FSB said "some councils that have increased parking charges and moved to ticket-less parking machines have seen a decrease in revenue."

Councils urged to alter parking charges to help small businesses

Small business are urging London councils to re-think their parking rules, saying they are being badly affected by new charges.

The Federation of Small Businesses has created a parking map to raise awareness of how parking charges are affecting the income of shops and businesses.

A spokesperson for the FSB said this campaign is to send a message to council's.

"This isn't to name and shame the councils who have higher parking tariffs.

"It's to push councils into better practice to help London businesses thrive.

"In a recent survey we found 75% of London businesses said parking was a major issue."

The Parking map is beingused to find out particular problems businesses are facing. It is hopedLondon Councils who represent the 33 boroughs will make changes to help smallto medium companies improve.

Click here to see the map.