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Indian restaurant serves up squirrel to customers

One of London's most upmarket Indian restaurants is adding a very unusual dish to its menu - roasted squirrel.

Squirrels will be moving from parks to plates at one of London's most upmarket Indian restaurants Credit: Reuters

The special is being served up from today at the Cinnamon Club in Westminster by head chef Rakesh Nair. For the dish, squirrel legs and shoulders are marinated with spices and pineapple juice and then cooked in a tandoor oven. The belly of the rodent will be turned into a curry to be served alongside.

The bizarre dish also comes with a hefty price tag - selling for £22 per person.

It has been created to coincide with Chef Nair's appearance on Channel 4 show Jamie & Jimmy's Friday night feast, exploring recipes with more unusual meats.

But customers keen to taste it will have to move fast - as it is only on the menu from today until February 21st.

London food business fined after sausages found to be 50% horse meat

A London food business has been fined £5,000 after a pork sausage was found to contain almost half horse meat.

Tests on the vacuum-packed Lukanka Chumerna product, which was on sale labelled as containing pork sausage meat, found it was actually 46% horse.

An Enfield food business has been fined after its sausages were found to be almost half horse meat Credit: Reuters

The products, manufactured in Bulgaria, were imported by Expo Foods Limited, based in Enfield, and were being sold at a shop in Dartford in Kent.

At Dartford Magistrates' Court yesterday, the company pleaded guilty to a charge under the Food Safety Act, and the product has now been withdrawn.

We are obviously concerned that this product was found on sale in Kent.

We are aware of the sensitivities amongst the public concerning eating horse meat and therefore feel our actions were necessary to ensure that they can have confidence that what they eat is accurately described."

– Richard Strawson, Kent County Council

Councils 'working hard' to improve standards despite financial cuts

Councils are working hard to maintain and improve food safety standards despite the pressure that significant Government funding cuts are placing on everyday services.

Random sampling is just one tool available to councils and a reduction in testing does not mean an increased safety risk to the public.

Targeting high-risk businesses and acting on complaints is a far more effective use of their limited resources and also allows councils to free up responsible businesses from unnecessary inspections and red tape.

It is ultimately the responsibility of food manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to ensure the products they produce or sell comply fully with food law, are fit for consumption and won't risk public safety.

– Nick Worth, Local Government Association


Strategic approach needed to avoid 'another horsemeat fiasco'

No one wants another horsemeat fiasco, so it is very worrying that local authority food checks are in decline.

We want to see a more strategic approach to food law enforcement that makes the best use of limited resources and responds effectively to the huge challenges facing the food supply chain.

– Richard Lloyd, Which? Executive Director

Food hygiene safety checks 'in decline' across London

Some local authorities in London are struggling to ensure businesses comply with food safety rules. A study by consumer watchdog Which? Bexley in south east London is the poorest-performing local authority, with five other London councils in the bottom 10.

  • Bexley
  • Ealing
  • Medway
  • West Dunbartonshire
  • Wycombe
  • Harrow
  • Richmond-upon-Thames
  • Southwark
  • Moyle
  • Enfield

The research took into account premises such as hospitals, care homes, restaurants, takeaways, retailers and food suppliers.

London's 'Swish pie' is world's most expensive

Charlie Bigham's 'Swish Pie'

The humble fish pie, a British winter staple, has undergone a five star makeover with a price tag to match.

Charlie Bigham's 'Swish Pie' is being launched in the capital today and promises to be the world's most expensive ready meal.

The ingredients themselves read like a VIP guest list: salmon poached in vintage DomPerignon, a 24ct gold crumb on top of the dish, sea salt harvested from the Piran Salt Pans and whitetruffles as well as an 'amuse-bouche' of Beluga Caviar.

And if this has tempted you into wanting to try a 'Swish Pie' then be warned, you'll have to fork out £314.16 for the privilege.

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