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Rat droppings in fake beauty goods

Police are warning people about using counterfeit beauty products after substances such as rat droppings, human urine and arsenic were found in seized goods.

Make-up, perfume and sun cream are among the phony items being highlighted by the City of London Police.

If you have been affected by the sale of fake cosmetics please get in touch using the email address


Fraudster to pay £125,000 to victim

The owner of a Romford-based mini-cab company, who persuaded an 81-year-old man to invest his life savings in his enterprise, has been ordered to pay £125,850 to the victim.

The activities of Paul Trower, 63 of Harold Hill in Romford, were brought to the attention of the Met's Safer Transport Command in 2011.

East Ham identified as 'first-party fraud hotspot'

London is still the leading location for first-party fraud, according to a new report by credit checking agency Experian.

First-party fraud is where genuine individuals attempt to change their circumstances or hide adverse financial information to obtain credit which they may not be in a position to afford.

The top ten areas identified per 10,000 adults are:

  • East Ham - 78
  • Stratford - 33
  • Hounslow - 32
  • Woolwich - 30
  • Ilford - 28
  • Walthamstow - 26
  • Ealing Broadway - 24
  • Cheapside - 24
  • Harrow - 22
  • Croydon -20


East Ham 'identity fraud hot spot'

East Ham is the top spot for identity fraud in the UK according to new research by the credit-crecking group Experian.

London as a whole experienced 11 attempts at identity fraud per 10,000 adults in 2012.

In East Ham that figure rose to 27 attempts per 10,000 adults.

The company says that cases of identity fraud were also prevalent in;

  • Romford
  • Bexleyheath
  • Woolwich
  • Cheapside
  • Stratford
  • Ilford
  • Walthamstow
  • Lewishham
  • Enfield

'Not surprising' that London identity fraud capital

The credit checking company Experian says that it is not surprising that identity fraud happens more frequently in London than in any other part of the UK. In East Ham, new research suggests there are seven times the number of attempts at identity theft in comparison to the national average.

It comes as no surprise that the capital remains a target for third-party fraudsters, particularly around densely populated inner-city boroughs where identities are easier to steal.

Clearly, identity theft is not just confined to inner-city areas but is a UK-wide problem and a symptom of tougher economic times, highlighting the need for people everywhere to be increasingly vigilant.

– Nick Mothershaw, Director of Identity and Fraud, Experian

The courier fraud scam

More and more people are being tricked into giving their bank details to fraudsters which can result in them being robbed of thousands of pounds.

The highly sophisticated scam starts with a phone call and ends with a courier being sent to the victim's house to take away their bank cards, and in some cases, other valuables.

Ria Chatterjee spoke to one victim in Essex who wanted to remain anonymous.

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