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Dangerous dogs being bred

Young men are breeding dangerous dogs as status symbols Credit: PA

Dangerous dogs are being bred by young men as business assets in drug deals, debt collection and for their gang image, according to research published today.

More young men were using aggressive dogs, such as Pitbulls, as a "commodity" for security and making money in gangs, the study found.

Dr Simon Harding, of Middlesex University London, who is behind the research, said: "For many young people, dogs are increasingly viewed as a commodity which can be traded up or down like a mobile phone.

Knife injuries to under-25s fall by 27%

Over the last year the number of gang members in custodyor subject to legal restrictions or licence restrictions has more than doubled and the Met are reporting that instances of serious youth violence has fallen:

  • 1,871 fewer victims of serious youth violence - reduced by 28% over the last financial year
  • Knife injuries to people under 25 have fallen by 27%; 484 fewer victims
  • 92 fewer shootings - a 19% reduction
  • Since April 2012 five gun-related homicides compared with 15 in the same period the previous year


Met gets results on gangs

The Metropolitan Police say 802 gang offenders are in custody

A total of 802 gang offenders are in custody according to the latest data released by the Met. A further 101 gang offenders are subject to ASBOs, gang injunctions or other court orders and 105 have been released from prison with licence conditions.

These restrictions can have a range of conditions, including restricting who gang members can associate with, where they can go and even put restrictions around their use of mobile phones.

Your thoughts: Gangs to be taught first-aid

Potential gang members are being offered lifesaving first aid lessons, so they can help with victims of attacks.

The classes are being taught by volunteer doctors and medical students.

We asked you what you thought of the Idea, here are some of your thought. Join the discussion on Facebook here:

Some of your thoughts from Facebook Credit: Facebook

Gang members to be taught how to save lives

Potential gang members are being offered lifesaving first aid lessons, so they can help with victims of attacks.

The classes are being taught by volunteer doctors and medical students.

A group of youths who could be in a gang

The youths are learning techniques such as stemming blood-loss with a tourniquet, perhaps from a belt, so they can keep causality victims alive till medical help arrives.

The Street-Doctors group believes that they can equip them with skills to help prevent victims from dying.


Gang carrying "wide swords"

Lupus Street, Pimlico, where the stabbing took place Credit: ITN

Lupus Street - the road where the murder took place - is close to Pimlico Underground station and bordered by extensive council estates on one side and is home to Pimlico Academy.

A 58-year-old local resident said there had been two murders in nearby Gloucester Street in recent years and a stabbing of a boy in Lupus Street before Christmas.

"The violence that has started to occur around here is something else, it is frightening for all the residents," she said.

"You used to be able to walk around at night but I am starting to be very wary, especially at night-time."

Another resident, from nearby Peabody Close, said his friend had witnessed a gang made up of black and white teenagers carrying out the attack.

"He said they were carrying knives, some of them with wide swords. He said the victim was screaming and trying to get away," he said.

He said his friend told him that the gang had scattered and run off in different directions.

Gang culture conference

Gang crime has changed in the wake of the London riots of 2011 Credit: PA

Leading MPs will be calling on the Governement today to make changes to policies regarding youth gang culture.

The conference, Tackling Gang Culture, will look at whether Government strategy to remove gang leaders following the 2011 riots was counter-productive. It's thought it may have created a power vacuum in which younger gang members grabbed power on a wave of violence.

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