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British police 'must investigate' teenage death in Greece

MPs say British police must investigate the death of a London teenager who was stabbed to death during a bar brawl in the Greek holiday resort of Malia.

Tyrell Matthews-Burton was fatally stabbed in July last year Credit: Facebook

Tyrell Matthews-Burton, from Leyton, was killed last July during a scuffle which Greek police claimed involved nearly 30 British people. Myles Litchmore-Dunbar, also from east London, is awaiting trial for the murder of Mr Matthews-Burton but denies stabbing him.


Olympic Torchbearer tells her story

Jade Brede will be carrying the flame through Windsor on the 10th July she tells our reporter Marcus Powell why she is looking forward to being a torchbearer.

Jade Brede was hit by a car on her fifteenth birthday, sustaining serious brain injuries and was not expected to live. Overcoming all the odds, Jade survived her trauma and went to The Children's Trust for rehabilitation where she learned to adjust to living with a brain injury.

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Olympic flame to be lit in Greece

Lighting ceremony rehearsal in Olympia yesterday. Credit: PA

The Olympic flame is set to be lit in Greece later today. The Ritual of the Lighting Ceremony will take place at the Temple of Hera in ancient Olympia just before ten o'clock.

It's where the High Priestess and Priestesses enter the Ancient Stadium to light the flame and hand it over to the first Torchbearer.

The Opening of the Torch Relay kicks off half an hour later. The torch will begin it's journey to London in a week for the 2012 Games.