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Kieron reunited with his family

After 102 days locked up in a Russian prison - today a freelance video journalist from Peckham was welcomed home to the cheers and tears of his family. Kieron Bryan was arrested during a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic in September.

Earlier, he and four other Brits stepped off the Eurostar at St Pancras Station - marking an end to their ordeal. In his first British television interview, Kieron told our reporter Rags Martel of his delight to be reunited with his loved ones.

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Freed Arctic protester describes 'torture' in Russian jail

Freed Greenpeace activist Alexandra Harris said her time in Russian prison "was torture", but that she and others jailed after Arctic protests were "treated better than the Russian prisoners, because the world's watching us".

"We spent two months inside a Russian jail cell and a hundred days detained for a crime we didn't commit," Harris said. "It was obscene, a complete overreaction on behalf of Russia and we should never have been there."


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Freed Arctic protest prisoner Kieron Bryan returns home

Freelance journalist and film maker Kieron Bryan returns home from his jail ordeal Credit: ITV News

Freelance journalist and film maker Kieron Bryan received a welcome home hug from his brother, Russell Bryan, as he arrived in London after spending four months in Russian jail.

Freelance journalist and film maker Kieron Bryan returns home from his jail ordeal Credit: ITV News

Bryan travelled back to Britain with four Greenpeace activists who were also freed after being arrested by Russia during an Arctic protest.

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Five Britons pictured back in the UK after Arctic protest

Five of the six British people detained over a Greenpeace protest against oil drilling in the Arctic have arrived back in London.

Alex Harris, Anthony Perrett, Phil Ball, Kieron Bryan and Iain Rogers arrived back at St Pancras train station from Paris.

Greenpeace activist: we will continue to protest despite arrests

A Greenpeace activist from London has said today the group will "for sure" continue to stage oil rig protests despite 30 activists being taken prisoner by Russian authorities.

Frank Hewetson was one of the 'Arctic 30' imprisoned over an oil protest Credit: Greenpeace

Speaking on Sky News this morning, Frank Hewetson said: "I think it will happen again for sure. I'm just not going to comment about whether it will happen in Russia, I just don't have the mental head space to make that sort of decision at the moment."

"But I personally want to go back to part of the Arctic."


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Journalist: Greenpeace should have 'frank discussions'

A British journalist who was held in a Russian prison after taking part in a protest in the Arctic two months ago has said that Greenpeace should have "frank discussions" about its tactics.

British journalist Kieron Bryan shortly after his release Credit: Twitter/@gp_sunrise

Freelance journalist Kieron Bryan said his first trip with the organisation had been a "baptism of fire".

Mr Bryan told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the group were briefed about the risks before the trip: "We discussed the legal implications of doing a protest in Russia. I remember distinctly piracy being mentioned and the laughter that followed.

"I can't stress what a shock it was to everyone. We all thought that we would get a rap on the wrists and then be sent away, so to find ourselves facing 10 to 15 years was a very difficult time."

Greenpeace UK's executive director John Sauven insisted all those who had been on the Arctic Sunrise vessel had been given a proper briefing about the risks involved.

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Arctic Londoner thanks supporters

A London journalist has thanked his supporters on Twitter after he was released on bail from a Russian prison. Kieron Bryan was arrested along with Greenpeace activists protesting against oil drilling in the Arctic two months ago. His family and friends have been

Greenpeace journalist released from prison

A London journalist held prisoner in Russia was today allowed out of jail for the first time in two months. Keiron Byran was arrested along with Greenpeace activists, after a demonstration against an oil rig in the Arctic sea.

He's been freed on bail, but is still facing charges relating to the protest. Today his family got the chance to speak to him for the first time since his arrest. Dan Hewitt reports.

Kieron Bryan: 'Keep fighting, we are not free yet'

After being released from prison, Kieron Bryan said: "We should keep fighting, we are not free yet. This is a first step and a glimmer of justice but it's not finished.

"It was pretty tough, for everyone I'm sure. More than anything, it's the isolation, not being able to speak to anyone, not being able to speak a common language, being trapped in a cell for 23 hours a day is something I don't ever want to experience again. "

Kieron Bryan speaking to journalists after being released Credit: PA Wire

Kieron added: "My plan now is to go to a hotel and have a long shower and never do a Sudoku puzzle again and speak to my family. I am feeling a lot better now, very happy to be out. I have no complaints (about prison conditions).

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