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MP: 'Polish people in Harlow feel afraid' over attacks

Harlow MP Robert Haflon says that Polish people in his community are "feeling afraid" following a number of attacks in the area.

"It's made the Polish people in our community feel afraid, and it's put a black cloud over our town. Everyone is feeling miserable about it and it is not what Harlow is," Mr Haflon said.


CPS has apologised for failing to act

The Crown Prosecution Service says that it has apologised unreservedly to Ms Blunnie's parents, for failing to authorise a charge against Tony McLernon.

Chief Crown Prosecutor for the East of England, Grace Ononiwu said:

One of the things we are doing [to change our processes] is setting up Violence Against Women Panels in the East of England which would examine CPS decision making in selected cases. Such panels are to be staffed by members of the public as well as lawyers and I have extended an invitation to Mr and Mrs Blunnie to join the Panel.

The East of England has the best conviction rate in the country for cases of domestic violence, but this case demonstrates the continued need to ever improve our handling and understanding of domestic violence. The fortitude displayed by Miss Blunnie's family strengthens my determination to do so.

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Report says chances missed to protect pregnant teenager

Eystna Blunnie

A new report into the murder of a a heavily pregnant teenager in Essex says chances were missed to protect her. Nineteen year old Eystna Blunnie was beaten to death by her boyfriend Tony McLernon in Harlow in June 2012. She was nine months pregnant.

Tony McLernon

The report by the Safer Harlow Partnership has found there were many signs she was in danger before she was fatally attacked.

It recommended agencies should work together better to share information about high risk adults.

However it said there was no evidence her murder could have been accurately predicted though McLernon had made threats to kill her previously.

Essex Police had asked the Crown Prosecution Service whether he could be charged with an offence.

At the time, the CPS decided there was not enough evidence. It later admitted that decision was wrong.

Miss Blunnie's father Kevin said he believes his daughter would still be alive if McLernon had been prosecuted earlier.He said: "For that mistake, we lost our daughter and granddaughter."

The report's author, Jackie Sully, said no one could be sure if charging McLernon would have changed the course of events leading to Miss Blunnie's death.


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Father of baby brought back to life: "The odds were stacked against her"

The father of the baby girl brought back to life thanks to a consultant's decision to have one more go at reviving her says they didn't realise how lucky they were.

Beatrix Richards, from Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire, was not breathing when she was born, and hospital guidelines state resuscitation should stop after 20 minutes. But the hospital doctor treating Beatrix was reminded of his own daughter and decided he just couldn't give up.

Beatrix's father Lloyd Richards said: "We didn't realise how lucky we were - the odds were stacked against her from the off. Miraculously she's pulled through."

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Baby girl survives not breathing for 23 minutes

The family in hospital Credit: Richards family

A baby born in Harlow in Essex has survived despite not breathing for the first 23 minutes of her life.

Beatrix Richards had to be resuscitated, but just at the moment when guidelines recommend resuscitation ends, the consultant at the Princess Alexandra hospital, decided to give it one more go.

She started to breathe and now 8 weeks old is back home in Bishop's Stortford.

She still has a tiny bleed on her brain, caused by the lack of oxygen when she was born, the long-term implications of which are unknown, but the outlook is very good.

Beatrix Richards Credit: Richards family

The family are now fundraising for both the Princess Alexandra hospital in Essex and St Thomas's Hospital in London where she was transferred to at just a few hours old.

Beatrix now Credit: Richards family
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