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Parents underestimate children's weight

Weighing scales Credit: PA

Research by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and UCL Institute of Child Health suggests that many parents with obese children may not recognise that their child is overweight, unless they are at very extreme levels of obesity.

The study claims parents were more likely to underestimate their child's weight if the child was male or if they were black or south Asian, or from more deprived backgrounds.

The researchers explained that parents' underestimations may be caused by a fear of being judged or an unwillingness to label a child as overweight.

Husband of Della Callagher says 'life will never be the same' for his family

Della Callagher Credit: ITV News

In a statement read in court the husband of Della Callagher, who died after eating the turkey, described his family's grief.

When Della was killed, our lives fell apart. Della's passing was completely avoidable and all three defendants appear to have little or no idea what long-term damage their actions and in some cases lies have done. Life will never be the same. My daughter Nancy will now never grow up with Della by her side and that is unforgivable.

– John Callagher


Hackney hospital receives top rating

Homerton University Hospital's Accident and Emergency department is the first to be rated 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission. The Hackney hospital received an overall rating of 'Good'. The commission found it was safe, effective, caring and responsive to people's needs.

The department had consistently met the government's 95% target for admitting, transferring or discharging patients within four hours since April 2013.

Better access to GPs - Govt plan

Almost three million Londoners are to take part in pilot schemes for a Government plan to improve patient access to GPs. Extended opening times, plus videophone and email consultations, will be tested in North West London, Southwark, and Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering.

Comedian Ronnie Corbett's health scare.

Ronnie Corbett attends a service to celebrate the life of Sir David Frost on Thursday Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Comedian Ronnie Corbett was rushed to hospital after falling ill at his home near Croydon. The 83 year-old was suffering from chest pains last Sunday and underwent tests for several days, but doctors were unable to diagnose the problem.

He was discharged in time to attend the memorial of close friend Sir David Frost on Thursday. His wife Anne has told the Sunday Mirror, the illness could spell the end of his television career.

Diabetes warning as it is revealed ten per cent in Brent have the condition

A new analysis of the highest diabetes rates in England has revealed that there is now an area, Brent in London, where over 10 per cent of people aged over 16 have diabetes.

According to the list of the 10 areas in England with the highest rates of the condition, published by Diabetes UK, 10.5 per cent of people in Brent have the condition. It is almost double the rate in the City of London which has England's lowest rate despite being just three miles from Brent.

As well as Brent, the other areas with the highest rates in England are: Newham in London (9.9 per cent); Wolverhampton (9.6 per cent); Harrow in London (9.4 per cent); Sandwell (9.4 per cent); Leicester (9.3 per cent); Redbridge in London (8.7 per cent); and Birmingham (8.7 per cent).


London's A & E departments prepare for winter

Ambulance responds to emergency Credit: DS/NMB

The Mayor's health adviser will be questioned later over how London's A and E departments will cope with this winter's inevitable increase in demand.

The head of NHS England will also speak at the London Assembly about the pressures faced by departments and their plans for coping this winter.

New breakthrough in baby care

For the first time, it's now possible for doctors to see minute details of how a baby's brain is forming while it is still in the womb.

The breakthrough has been made at St Thomas' Hospital in south London.

Liz Wickham was given exclusive access for this report.

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