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Annual house price rise 'sharpest since records began'

The annual increase for London house prices is the sharpest since records began in 2002.

House prices are increasingly strong across most parts of the UK, with prices in London again showing the highest growth.

– Office for National Statistics
  • Prices rose by 9.6% in the South East
  • 8.6% in the East
  • Outside London and the South East, annual price increases averaged 6.4%

Source: ONS


Third of Londoners fear having to move due to housing costs

A new survey shows the extent of Londoners' fears over housing costs Credit: PA

One in three Londoners fear having to move out due to the rising cost of housing in the capital.

A new survey by the Chartered Institute of Housing found that 34% of people agree they might have to leave their local area in the future, because the cost of housing is too high.

That's compared with 20% across the rest of the country.

The survey also found that 3 in 10 people living in London are concerned about being able to pay their rent or mortgage and 36% said concerns about housing costs are causing them a great deal or a fair amount of stress.

The survey also showed that Londoners are more unhappy with their homes than the average person in Great Britain.

18% per cent say they are very or fairly dissatisfied with their home compared to just 12% across the nation.


  1. Simon Harris: Political Correspondent

London house prices rise by a staggering £4,500 a month

House prices in London are going up by a staggering £4,500 a month, according to a new survey. The figures come after new warnings about the risk posed by the capital's overheating housing market to Britain's economic recovery.

Credit: PA

The latest House Price Index compiled by the website Rightmove graphically illustrates the surge in London property values.

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