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Somerset skate opens for winter

Somerset skate opens for winter Credit: ITV News

Somerset House kicks off it's winter seasonwith the return of it's popular ice rink 'Skate', which opens to the publictoday.

Youcan make the most of taking to the ice as the festive rink is open rightthrough to the 5th January.

More information on how to get tickets, as well as opening times can be found on the Somerset House website.


Romford ice-rink row

Romford is set to get a brand new ice rink in two years time - but not everyone is happy.

For those who use it, that's two years without a rink at all, as the existing one is pulled down to make way for a new supermarket.

And parents fear that some talented youngsters will miss their golden window to develop into top-class athletes.

Nick Thatcher reports.