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London to hold its first connectivity summit

London will hold its first ever 'connectivity summit' today- in a bid to make the capital the best connected city in Europe. London's Mayor Boris Johnson will meet with the city's biggest internet providers to discuss how to improve super-fast broadband. He also wants to eliminate 'not'spots' in London, where internet speeds run ten times slower than average.

London summit to improve capital's connectivity Credit: PA


Web domain shown 'huge interest' from businesses

Business applicants for the new .London web domain name could potentially gain more customers, the chief executive of the mayor's official promotional organisation for London said today.

Gordon Innes of London & Partners added:

When we have talked to London businesses and organisations about this, they’re extremely excited about the opportunities .london presents.

We are already seeing huge interest – not just from London’s most prestigious stores and visitor attractions, but also from local businesses and tradespeople.

New .London web domain gets the go ahead

London is to become one of the first cities in the world to get its own web domain in the biggest change to the online world since .com was launched nearly 30 years ago.

London to become one of the first cities in the world with own web domain. Credit: London & Partners

London & Partners, the promotional agency for London, said and internet body ICANN has signed a contract this week giving the news system the formal go-ahead.

The agreement means London-based businesses, organisations and individuals will be able to apply first for new web addresses ending in .london from spring 2014, allowing them to maximise their internet presence and identify themselves online with one of the best cities on earth.


Attack on Walthamstow MP prompts new twitter rules

Social networking site Twitter has clarified its rules on abusive behaviour amid an increasing backlash over so-called "trolls".

The company has updated its rules to make it clear that abuse will not be tolerated, and has put extra staff in place to handle reports of abuse, it said today.

Stella Creasy was targeted after giving public support to a feminist campaigner who had herself received such abuse on Twitter

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Troll victim 'pleased' Twitter taking abuse seriously

Caroline Criado-Perez, who came under sustained attack on Twitter after running a successful campaign to have a woman's picture placed on a new bank note, has welcomed Twitter's pledge to do more to tackle trolling and abuse on the platform, but said they could have acted quicker.

While I'm pleased they're listening, it's taken Twitter a week to come up with this.

Twitter's 'report abuse' button on the iPhone application goes through to the old reporting form - what we're looking for is an overhaul of the system which sits behind the button.

The current process is lengthy, complicated and impossible to use if you're under sustained attack like I have been.

Right now, all the emphasis is on the victim, often under intense pressure, to report rather than for Twitter to track down the perpetrator and stop them.

I am, of course, pleased that they are taking on new staff. The hard facts are that this will take time, investment and properly trained and paid staff - but it's crucial they get this right.

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Twitter boss makes personal apology to troll victims

The head of Twitter UK, Tony Wang, has made a personal apology to the women who have experienced abuse and sexual threats on the social media platform.

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