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NW London man charged in connection with Iraq IEDs

The Crown Prosecution Service has decided to prosecute a 37 year-old man from northwest London in connection with improvised explosive devices found in Iraq in 2007. Anis Abid Sarwar was arrested yesterday by the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command. He is accused of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion with intent to endanger life or property.

Following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service, I have today authorised charges against Anis Abid Sardar in connection to a number of road side improvised explosive devices recovered from the Al Anbar province of Iraq in 2007. It is alleged that Mr Sardar conspired to murder coalition forces operating in Iraq on or before 22 November 2007 by conspiring to cause the explosion of these IEDs. The decision to prosecute was taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors. I have determined that there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and that a prosecution is in the public interest.

– Deborah Walsh, Crown Prosecution Service


Asked how mad is Blair? "That's not for me to say" says Mayor

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Boris Johnson says Tony Blair 'has gone mad' over Iraq

Boris Johnson has launched a pointed personal attack on former prime minister Tony Blair over his claims that the current conflict in Iraq is not linked to the West's 2003 invasion.

Boris Johnson has launched a pointed personal attack on former prime minister Tony Blair . Credit: PA

In his Daily Telegraph column, Mr Johnson said Mr Blair had "finally gone mad" and his "unhinged" attempt to rewrite history is undermining arguments for Western intervention in Iraq.

"In discussing the disaster of modern Iraq he made assertions that are so jaw-droppingly and breathtakingly at variance with reality that he surely needs professional psychiatric help," the London Mayor added.

He said that by refusing to accept that the 2003 war was "a tragic mistake", "Blair is now undermining the very cause he advocates: the possibility of serious and effective intervention.

"Somebody needs to get on to Tony Blair and tell him to put a sock in it, or at least to accept the reality of the disaster he helped to engender. Then he might be worth hearing," Mr Johnson concluded.

Fear grows for health of hunger strikers

There are growing concerns over the health of five London women and one man who've been on hunger strike for 10 weeks. They've been staging a protest outside the American Embassy after 52 people in a camp were allegedly killed by Iraqi security forces.

They say they're willing to die for their cause. Ria Chatterjee went to meet them.