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Police: 'People must have seen something happening' over Camden murder

Police in Camden are appealing for witnesses after a father of two was killed at the weekend. 37-year-old Romeo Nkansah died from a single stab wound in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Lots of pubs and clubs close at around about 3am so I know there would have been a lot of people around on the streets.

People would have seen something happening within that area.

– Det Chief Inspa Jamie Piscopo

Police said that the area would have been very busy at the time of the stabbing.


Young knife crime victims remembered

A memorial service is being held in Brixton today to celebrate the lives of young knife crime victims.

The Love2Remember memorial will celebrate the lives of four young South London boys all of whom were victims of knife crime on the capital's streets in the last ten tears.

Junior Nkwelle, Damilola Taylor, Edvin Johnson and Zac Olumegbon, all lost their lives in street attacks. Damilola was just ten years old. The oldest, Edvin, was nineteen.

The aim of the memorial is to remember their lives, not the way they died.

The mothers of three of the victims will be there and the congregation will hear from former footballer Fabrice Muamba alongside actor and director Noel Clarke.

Arnold Oceng - the Brixton-raised actor who's now making his way in Hollywood will also be attending.

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