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M25 horror stories, as three lanes remain closed

Motorists have taken to social media to bemoan their miserable Friday commutes, as three lanes of the M25 remain closed following rain damage to the road surface near Leatherhead this morning.


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M25 lanes to remain closed until this evening

Lanes between J9 and J10 won't reopen until this evening

Delays on the M25 are set to continue until this evening as three lanes remain closed anti-clockwise between Junctions 9 and 10 near Leatherhead.

Motorists are being advised to avoid the area if possible, due to the long delays. Passengers travelling to Gatwick Airport are being urged to allow extra time for their journey or take alternative routes.

The Highways Agency is still trying to repair an earlier road collapse and determine the cause of the defect.

"Long delays are likely until the motorway fully reopens"

– Highways Agency

Time running out for M25 repair ahead of Friday rush

The Highways Agency is running out of time in its efforts to complete a carriageway repair ahead of the Friday night rush. Three lanes have been closed all day on the anti-clockwise section near junction 9 at Leatherhead, after the road surface was damaged in heavy rain.

Queues are already tailing back to junction 12, and two more layers still need to be added to the road surface before it can be reopened, with time needed for each layer to dry before the next one can be started. Anyone who can avoid the area is being advised to find an alternative route.

  1. Meridian

Long queues on M25

Severe delays as the M25 is reduced to one lane between Junction 9 and 10 anticlockwise. Emergency repairs are taking place after an earlier road collapse. Restrictions on the route will last until 4pm at least.


M25 lanes could remain closed for evening rush hour

Three lanes on the anti-clockwise M25 near junction 9 at Leatherhead now look likely to remain closed through the evening rush hour. The Highways Agency has tweeted a photo of repairs taking place, but warned that they are only on stage one of a four stage re-laying process, and that each layer needs to dry before they can begin the next.

Some commuters were stuck in traffic for four hours this morning. And with the Friday afternoon getaway about to begin, it looks as though it could be a miserable start to the weekend for many.

M25 could be closed until 4pm

Emergency repairs on the M25 could continue until 4pm, according to local police. Three lanes have been closed since early this morning, after the surface of the road became damaged in heavy rain.

  1. Meridian

Highways agency release statement

Three lanes on the anti-clockwise M25 and the exit slip road at junction 9 remain closed as we work to investigate the cause of, and to repair a defect in the road surface. Safety is our top priority and we are doing all we can to reopen the lanes quickly as possible. In the meantime we advise drivers to avoid this section of the anti-clockwise M25 and seek alternative routes.

– Highways Agency
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