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Londoners can locate ward and email candidates easily

Cyclists can enter their postcode into the website to locate their ward and email candidates Credit: .

Using the latest online mapping and lobbying technology, Londoners can quickly and easily enter their postcode to locate their ward and then email their council election candidates calling for their support for the specific Space for Cycling measure identified for their area.

They can also use the new tool to see what is being called for in all wards in London and, as the campaign progresses, track responses from candidates.

Improvements include protected cycle lanes

Improvements include:

  • Install protected cycle lanes in a newly created Bradley Wiggins Way (Kilburn ward, Brent)
  • Remove through motor traffic from the cycling corridor on Tavistock Place (Bloomsbury ward, Camden)
  • Redesign Wimbledon's town centre to be walking and cycling-friendly (Hillside ward, Merton)
  • Reduce motor traffic speed to 20mph in Carlton Hill and surrounding streets (Abbey Road ward, Westminster)
  • Create safe cycle routes for children linking six schools in Tufnell Park (Junction ward, Islington)
  • Make a cycle route through Russell Park as alternative to busy Woolwich Road (Barnehurst ward, Bexley)


'2,000 fewer bike thefts' since start of crackdown

Since the start of an initiative between TfL and police in October 2012:

  • Bike thefts have fallen by 11% in London with more than 2,000 fewer offences
  • The number of reported bike thefts from October 2012 to the end of August 2013 was 19,052
  • That compares with 21,488 in 2012
  • And, 20,411 in 2011 over the same time period

Source: TfL


Bike crime dropping in London 'down by 11.3%'

Bike crime is coming down, we've got it down by 11.3% and what that means is we've recovered an awful lot of bikes that need to be reunited with their owners.

We're asking people to register their bikes so firstly we known they're stolen - we can prove they're stolen - and we can get them back to the owner.

– Andrew Gilligan, Cycling Commissioner for London

How to avoid buying stolen bikes online

The London Cycling Campaign has issued the following advice to avoid inadvertently buying stolen bikes online:

  • Ask the seller where they got the bike
  • Ask for identification, a landline phone number or a workplace email
  • Ask for an original purchase receipt
  • Expect a genuine photo of the actual bike, not a catalogue picture
  • Ask for a receipt for the transaction with their signature and address (you may need it for identification purposes)
  • Ask for a bike frame number, which can be checked against lists of stolen bikes

"If an advert looks like it may not be genuine, and the seller doesn't have a credible story as to where they acquired the bike, walk away for your own good as well as everyone else's. Remember that meeting a dishonest seller carries a personal risk."

– London Cycling Campaign
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