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Mayor faces questions on budget

Sadiq Khan will face questions from the London Assembly today about his plans for London's budget.

The Mayor's budget includes the capital's Police and Fire Services as well as transport and the environment.

Mr Khan will call on the Assembly to join his campaign against national Government cuts to the Met's funding.

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Mayor's air pollution measures examined

Experts will discuss if Boris Johnson is doing enough to improve London's air quality at a meeting of the London Assembly's Environment Committee later this morning.

Guests including the Mayor's Environmental adviser will answer questions from the Committee on Boris' plans to reduce air pollution.

The Mayor's measures include plans to ensure that by 2020 the vast majority of vehicles in the capital's centre during the working day emit low or zero emissions.

He has also suggested plans to introduce an Ultra Low Emissions Zone in central London.


Boris Johnson asked about benefit housing reforms

Mayor Boris Johnson on air pollution

The Mayor said the level of dangerous particulates in the air has been reduced by 15% because of action on encouraging clean vehicles, walking and cycling. He also said he has introduced a plan to bring in an Ultra Low Emission Zone for vehicles in London by 2020.

Mayor questioned over air pollution

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