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Uni researcher suspended over bombing

London Metropolitan University. Credit: PA

A researcher at London Metropolitan University has been suspended after it emerged he was involved the bombing of the Israeli Embassy.

Palestinian-born Jawad Botmeh was sentenced to 20 years in jail in 1996 after he was found guilty of conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK.

A car bomb exploded outside the embassy in London in 1994 injuring 14 people.

Botmeh was released from jail in 2008 and had been working as a research manager at London Met's Working Lives Research Institute for five years.


London Metropolitan University students continue protest

Students from London Metropolitan University have staged their latest protest against the decision that could jeopardise their futures.

Five hundred are currently affected by the ban on the university recruiting from outside the European Union, after the UK Border Agency ruled it was not making proper checks on students.

They are now awaiting the outcome of a legal challenge against that ban.

Ronke Phillips reports.

Clearing date for visa row students

A mini clearing system for students caught up in the decision to strip London Metropolitan University of its right to sponsor international student visas will be up and running later this month, the Universities and Science Minister has said.

London Metropolitan University has vowed to "defend its reputation" after starting legal action against a decision to revoke its licence to sponsor foreign students.

The institution has said it is challenging evidence gathered by the UK Border Agency so students left in limbo can return to study.

The Government revoked London Met's highly-trusted status for sponsoring international students last week after it found more than a quarter of a sample of students studying at the university did not even have permission to stay in the country.


Hodge: 'UK Border Agency has got to get a grip'

Chair of the Public Accounts Committee Margaret Hodge said on the findings of the report in relation to the points based system in immigration:

"...There's an unresolved tension between the government's desire to attract the best students to the UK both because of their talent and because of the money they bring and the government's desire to be seen as tough on immigration controls and those need to be sorted.

"...What our study found was that the UK Border Agency has got to get a grip and improve its action."

Students protest over decision to strip university of right to give visas

Students protest outside Downing Street Credit: ITN

A group of London Metropolitan University students gathered outside Downing Street to express their distress and anger at the UK Border Agency's decision to strip it of its right to admit foreigners.

Dozens of students and supporters sat in silence in front of the gates to the Prime Minister's residence before police moved them to the other side of the street.

The students taped their mouths, carried signs which read "International Students Not Welcome Here" and gave out leaflets which asked if the UK is open for all.

The signs and leaflets expressed the students' disappointment with a design showing broken Olympic rings.

Anger over student's uncertain future

London Metropolitan University Credit: ITN

The Government should have considered other options before stripping a university of its right to admit foreigners, critics have said.

More than 2,000 students could face ejection from the country after the Government revoked London Metropolitan University's highly-trusted status for sponsoring international students.

The move, which critics said sent a damaging message that the UK deports foreign students to all corners of the globe, comes after more than a quarter of students sampled studying at the university did not even have permission to stay in the country.

Professor Eric Thomas, president of Universities UK, said there were other ways to address UK Border Agency concerns and the university's licence should only have been revoked as a last resort.

"The UKBA's decision to revoke London Metropolitan University's licence will cause anxiety and distress to those many legitimate international students currently studying at London Metropolitan, and their families," he said.

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