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This week's weather...keep a brolly to hand

Manali Lukha Credit: ITN

As we move into a new week, the weather still remains disappointing for the time of year.

We appear to be sandwiched between two pressure systems. Low pressure to the east and high pressure to the west.

With a northerly air flow, it seems we are going to be influenced by both systems at times.

It's a week where you may wish to keep an umbrella to hand.

There will be rain at times, some showers, but also some dry and bright spells too.

Whilst there is still room for change (and in particular some uncertainty as to how much rain or not we will see across the London area on Tuesday), this is our current thinking:

Rest of today

After a dry evening, it will turn increasingly cloudy and damp overnight, with some rain or drizzle.

A misty and murky night with some fog forming in places.

It's worth bearing in mind the fog might have an impact on travel conditions tomorrow morning.

Rain will clear through the day tomorrow, to leave a drier and brighter afternoon.

Tuesday will be generally cloudy with a risk of rain.

Wednesday is likely to start dry and bright but with cloud building. Cloud thick enough to produce some spots of rain.

Thursday will turn rather breezy.


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