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Margaret Thatcher's cost of keeping up appearances

US President Ronald Reagan talking to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Credit: PA

As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher's immaculately coiffed blonde locks were as much a part of her image as her famous handbag - and newly-released government files show just how much time she spent keeping up appearances.

Her appointments diary for 1984, released by the National Archives, show that she had 118 hair appointments in the space of 12 months.

In June, when she was hosting world leaders at an economic summit in London she had hair appointments on five consecutive days.

The diary also confirms her reputation as a workaholic who found it difficult to relax.


Claims Thatcher would back Thames estuary airport

In a speech that roved across a wide-range of national policy areas, London Mayor Boris Johnson claimed that the former premier would back his plans for an airport in the Thames estuary.

He insisted she would row back on the decision under her tenure to cancel plans for a third airport in the capital.

In his What Would Thatcher do? speech, he said:

"Does anyone doubt that she would have the cojones to rectify that second mistake, and give this country the 24 hour hub airport, with four runways, that it needs? When she was in power there were flights from Heathrow to more destinations than from any other European airport."Would she sit back and watch the rest of them eat our lunch - the French and the Dutch and the Spanish, the Finns, for heaven's sake, who now send more flights to China than we do?

"She would understand that the plane is the 21st century means of travel, and the vital importance of connectivity to her vision of Britain: open, free-trading, as turned to Asia and Latin America as it is to its traditional markets."She would see that the best place to build that airport would be to the east of the city, which is, indeed, the area with the biggest potential for new homes."


Boris Johnson likens himself to Margaret Thatcher

Boris Johnson's speech at the Conservative Party Conference in October Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

London Mayor Boris Johnson has likened himself to Margaret Thatcher in a speech suggesting their approach would be "one and the same."

The Mayor said he would be in unison with the former Conservative prime minister on the way to tackle key problems Britain faces, such as housing, taxation, education, airport capacity. Giving the annual Centre for Policy Studies Margaret Thatcherlecture in London he said:

"I realise that there may be some confusion in my prescriptions between what I would do, what Maggie would do, and what the Government is about to do or is indeed already doing, did we but know it."I don't think it much matters, because the three are likely to turn out to be one and the same."

File photo of Margaret Thatcher Credit: Phil Noble/PA Wire

Thatcher's ashes laid to rest

Hospital chaplain carries the former PM's ashes Credit: PA

Baroness Thatcher's ashes were laid to rest today in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Members of her family including her children attended a short church service in the chapel of the central London site before a solid oak casket containing her ashes was placed in the ground.

A headstone bearing the simple inscription "Margaret Thatcher 1925 - 2013" was being erected on top of her final resting place in the leafy grounds of the hospital.The country's first female prime minister died aged 87 on April 8.

Twelve Chelsea Pensioners dressed in their distinctive scarlet coats formed a guard of honour as her ashes were placed alongside those of her husband Sir Denis, who died in 2003.Prayers were said by hospital chaplain the Reverend Richard Whittington as her family members comforted one another.


Met Police: 'We would like to thank Londoners for their co-operation'

We would like to thank Londoners and visitors to the city for their co-operation today, particularly in relation to travel disruptions. We are also grateful to those members of the public who spoke with us prior to the event and enabled us to facilitate their peaceful protest in a way which did not impact either their protest or those who wished to pay their respects.It is as ever testament to the public that yet another large scale ceremonial event, viewed by the world's media, has been successful.

– Commander Christine Jones
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Margaret Thatcher was 'the best boss I ever had'

Former chief policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher, John Redwood, described her as "the best boss I ever had".

"We had to work very long hours to keep up with her," he said.

Fighting back tears he said:

The most moving moment inside the cathedral was when they opened up the great doors and we could hear the noise outside.

It was exactly the kind of tribute you would hope for - we are grieving a loss but also commemorating a life well-led, an extraordinarily active life.

Asked about protests, he simply said: "It is a free country."

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