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Move will save around £60 million a year

The sale of the current New Scotland Yard building should save around £60 million a year Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

The sell off of around a third of the Metropolitan Police's property stock includes New Scotland Yard. That should mean a saving of around £60 million a year in running costs which City Hall says will pay for an extra 1200 extra officers.


Scotland Yard's new look revealed

The design for the new Met headquarters has been revealed. The refurbished Curtis Green building on the Victoria Embankment, will become the new Metropolitan Police headquarters from 2015.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris' winning design for London's new police HQ Credit: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

London architect firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris were chosen to redesign the building after the decision to sell off New Scotland Yard to save money. The new home will be known simply as Scotland Yard, but the world famous revolving sign will be relocated to the new site.

Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Stephen Greenhalgh said: "Scotland Yard is returning to its historical home in Whitehall. The new, smaller Met HQ will help deliver a 21st century police force and AHMM's design, which includes a public space, will help Londoners to reconnect with the Met."

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Undercover police 'used dead children's ID'

Undercover police officers working for Britain's largest force used the identities of dead children and issued fake passports in their names, it was reported.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the claims Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

Over three decades generations of officers went through national birth and death records in search of suitable matches, the newspaper said.

The creation of aliases resulted in officers being issued with official documents such as driving licences and national insurance numbers.

Last night, Scotland Yard said the practice was not "currently" authorised.

It also announced an investigation into "past arrangements for undercover identities used by SDS (Special Demonstration Squad) officers".