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Taxi driver in hospital with life threatening injuries after crashing into cyclist and pedestrian

A taxi driver is in hospital with life-threatening injuries tonight after crashing into a cyclist and a pedestrian outside the Old Bailey.

The taxi brought down a set of traffic lights in the collision Credit: ITV News

The driver is believed to have fallen ill at the wheel before the collision which happened at 7.15pm this evening.

The cyclist and pedestrian were also hospitalised but their injuries are believed to be less serious. City of London police are investigating what happened.


Council worker faces terrorism charges

The Old Bailey heard that Khalid Baqa had 300 computer discs of terrorist material Credit: Clara Molden/PA.

A council worker today admitted having 300 computer discs of terrorist material in his car and home.

London Borough of Hackney revenue officer Khalid Baqa, 48, had one of the discs in his office computer, the Old Bailey heard.

Baqa, of Priory Road, Barking, pleaded guilty to two offences of disseminating terrorist publications. A further seven offences of having material likely to be useful in terrorism were ordered to lie on file.Baqa was remanded in custody for sentencing on April 26.

The court heard the discs included al Qaida's Inspire magazine, 39 Ways to Support and Participate in Jihad and 42 Ways to Support Jihad by Anwar al-Awlaki.

The charges related to between April and July last year when Baqa was arrested in a sweep of suspects before the Olympics in east London.

Andrew Hall QC, defending, said Baqa was storing the material for someone else but was reckless as to whether it would then be distributed.

Cleaner murder verdict: sister and wife's statements

Piotr Mikiewicz's sister Anna told the court in a statement that her brother had been living in London for nine years and considered it his home.

"He was a wonderful man, full of compassion for others. He did not tolerate lies and theft. He was a believer and lived according to these principles."

– Anna Mikiewicz Olszewska, Piotr's sister

"He was someone who represented everything that is good about decent people and was prepared to fight for what was right.

Anyone who knew Piotr knew he was a truly good and honest person. He had a strong sense of what was right and wrong.He wasn't just a road sweeper, he was part of the community that genuinely cared for him.

Piotr was a truly good person who was immensely proud of the job he did.

A cruel and thoughtless act can take away his life, but not the inspiration that he brought to so many people."

– Busie Mikiewicz, Piotr's wife
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