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Support for more flexible public transport ticketing

Public transport costs could soon be more flexible

Part-time workers could soon receive some good news. There's been overwhelming support for a 3-day Travelcard. A 90 day consultation has found commuters are in favour of flexible ticketing systems. They also want refunds for season tickets holders for walking or cycling to work. 418 people gave their opinions to the London assembly survey.

Buses to stop accepting cash

London bus drivers will no longer accept cash payment when new measures are introduced this summer.

Transport for London (TfL) has announced a raft of changes, including allowing passengers with insufficient Oyster card credit to travel for a whole journey before they need to top up.

London buses will soon only accept Oyster, contactless and tickets as payment Credit: Credit: PA

TfL said dwindling numbers of bus passengers using cash prompted the change, following a consultation in which it said 99% of customers already use Oyster, prepaid tickets, contactless payment cards or concessionary tickets.

Leon Daniels, managing director for TfL surface transport, said:

"The decision to stop accepting cash fares on London buses reflects the changing way that people pay for goods and services in our city, including journeys on the bus network. Paying with Oyster or a contactless payment card is not only the cheapest option, but also speeds up boarding times..."

"It costs #24 million a year to accept cash on London's buses and by removing this option we will generate significant savings which, like all of our income, will be reinvested in improvements to the transport network."

TfL will stop accepting cash fares on London buses in the Summer Credit: Credit: PA

Around three quarters of responses to the public consultation came from people who indicated that they do not themselves pay cash fares on the bus.


Commuters conned in a £6,000 Oyster card fraud

An Oyster-approved newsagent ripped-off London commuters during a fraud which netted him £6,000. Mariathas Thevathas stole money from top-up cards over 18 months, docking a few pounds each time.

Croydon Crown Court ordered Mariathas Thevathas to carry out 150 hours community service Credit: Press Association

Even though Oyster users are given a receipt confirming the credit, dishonest agents can void the transaction for a lower amount and keep the difference. Transport for London investigators admit there is currently no way of stopping the practice.

Your views: The cost of using London public transport

You've been telling us what you think about public transport in London, and the rising cost of getting around. Get involved in the debate by tweeting us @itvlondon or going to our Facebook page.

Julian Niblick Chiu And they say they want to encourage more people not to use their cars. The London congestion charge was understood to, to some degree, subsidise London public transport and to bring prices down. But that's not happened, has it?

Megan Barry I wouldn't mind paying it if the service was good, everything seems to be going up except the quality of the service!

Shirley Melbourne If you go to these other countries, you will see that their public transportation system is much better than ours too! Something needs to be done.

MPs sign motion condemn London transport fares

More than 20 Labour MPs signed a Commons motion condemning London public transport fares, urging mayor Boris Johnson to freeze increases next year. The motion says:

Transport for London has reported unbudgeted operational surpluses for the previous three years and is showing evidence of regularly under-anticipating fares income and overestimating other expenditures

(We) call on the mayor of London to use his discretion to freeze fares at RPI (retail price index) for 2014, easing the pressure on ordinary Londoners during the current cost of living crisis.

Every penny from fares 'invested in improving transport'

The Mayor has kept fares in the capital lower than anywhere else in the country, while protecting all free and concessionary travel for older people, students, veterans and disabled Londoners.

Every penny from fares is invested in improving transport for Londoners, resulting in one of the biggest and most reliable transport systems in the world.

He will make a decision on fares for 2014 later this year but has publicly stated that he is determined to bear down on them as much as possible.

– Mayor's Office


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