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Police hope life sentences act as 'deterrent'

Ajmol was an innocent teenager enjoying a summer evening with his friends when they were targeted in an unprovoked attack by a group of young men with knives. This incident highlights the misery that knife crime causes. I hope the sentence acts as a deterrent to those who carry or use knives or associate with others who do so.

– Detective Inspector Julie Willats, Metropolitan Police

'Knife madness must end' after schoolboy murder

During sentencing Judge Judge Martyn Zeidman said: "This knife madness must end. There has to be a change. But cold figures can never sufficiently reflect the tragic sorrow caused by knife crime. In our case there were two totally unprovoked attacks upon 16-year-old boys."

Ajmol Alom

He added: "The first stabbing was to Rob's face but that did not quench your joint thirst for violence. Within a minute or so you were each a party to the second attack, this time upon Ajmol Alom. You each played a part in bringing his life to an end."


  1. Rags Martel: ITV London reporter

Three sentenced over unprovoked schoolboy stabbing

Three men were today sentenced for 23 years each for the murder Ajmol Alom. The 16-year-old was stabbed with a knife in an unprovoked attack in east London on 12 August 2013.

Credit: Facebook

The three men sentenced are Aminur Nazir Khan, 20, from Robin Hood Gardens; Mashudur Rahman, 22, from E15 and Ali Choudhury, 20, from E14.

Police: Neighbourly dispute 'spiralled out of control'

A man has been found guilty of murdering a neighbour in a disagreement about dirty water. Detective Inspector Andy Jones of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said:

"This was a neighbourly dispute that spiralled way out of control with tragic consequences."Although there were two sides to this dispute, only one side chose to arm themselves with weapons.

"Given that, it is right that Uddin should face the consequences of his actions. I would like to praise the family of the victim, Mr Ahmed, for the dignity they have shown throughout this investigation."

– Detective Inspector Andy Jones


Murder over drainage dispute

Shofique Uddin Credit: Metropolitan Police

A man has been found guilty of murder following a neighbourhood fight about garden drainage. Police were called to Larsons Way in May, following reports of a fight and stabbing. Sultan Ahmed was pronounced dead at the scene. Shofique Uddin has been found guilty of stabbing him to death.

The Old Bailey heard earlier that day Uddin's son had abused a neighbour after she let dirty water drain into his garden. A group of neighbours later went round to Uddin's house to confront his son. The exchange became heated and witnesses described Mr Uddin swinging a knife wildly.

During the fight that ensued, Uddin stabbed Sultan Ahmed in the back. Another man was bitten while others were left with stab wounds.

Murdered teenager excelled in GCSE exams

A teenager who was murdered in Poplar ten days ago achieved top grades in his GCSEs, it was revealed today.

Ajmol Alom, who was 16, got 8 grade As in subjects including Maths, Science and Geography and three B grades in English language, humanities and physical education.

Ajmol Alom had just finished his GCSEs at Langdon Park School Credit: Facebook

Ajmol had hoped to become a doctor in the future and his headmaster, Chris Dunne paid tributes to him:

"One of the careers he was considering was in medicine, and these results would have made that a very real possibility in terms of university entrance. All the many journalists who interviewed me after the horrifying event of his murder wanted to know how 'good' he was as a student."

"I was able to say without hesitation that he was very able, looking forward to GCSE results at a very high level and very capable of going on to achieve the kind of grades which would have secured him a place at any one of our best universities."

Teen died in apparently unprovoked attack

Ajmol Alom had just finished his GCSEs at Langdon Park School Credit: Metropolitan Police

Police are appealing for help in finding the murderer of a 16-year-old boy. Ajmol Alom was stabbed on Monday evening in Spey Street in Poplar, where he lived.

A second teenager was stabbed in the cheek and remains in hospital.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Chalmers said: "Ajmol was with his friend and doesn't appear to have been doing anything to provoke this attack.

"They were in Spey Street talking when they were confronted by five-six other male youths wearing bandanas and with their hoods up. The males attacked first his friend and then stabbed Ajmol in the upper thigh.

"We are keeping an open mind about the motive but at this stage there is no indication Ajmol was a gang member. We are also keeping an open mind about any precursor incident that could provide a possible motive."

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