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Mount Pleasant: Your views

You've been giving us your thoughts on the Mayor's approval of plans to redevelop the Royal Mail site at Mount Pleasant - where affordable rents could be set at up to £2,800 per month for a family home.

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Is he off his head !!! affordable to whom.Get real Boris.!!!

– Jan Black

Stupid prices , I don't even earn that amount in a month , all he is doing is pushing the normal working class people out of London !!!! Disgraceful

– Lesley-Anne Datta

I was born and bred in Islington, moved out 16 years ago couldn't afford to live there then!!

– Michelle Curland

In what world is £2800 a month affordable. If people could afford that, they could afford to buy somewhere!

– Carolyn Kellaris

I live in Islington, and THAT is not an 'affordable' rent! What part of 'affordable does that excuse for a mayor not understand?? To call that an affordable rent beggars belief!!

– Anne Fallon

Postal workers union hits out at Mount Pleasant development

London is in desperate need of truly affordable decent housing and Boris failed in his duty as Mayor today by approving this planning application.

Boris says he is committed to delivering affordable housing for Londoners, but he has no idea about what that actually means for people working in the capital.

It's an absolute travesty that postmen and women working just next door will be priced out of this luxury development at Mount Pleasant.

– Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communication Workers Union


'Affordable' rents in new development up to £2,800 per month

A leaked report on the redevelopment of the Royal Mail site at Mount Pleasant in Clerkenwell reveals that the Mayor plans to charge up to £2,800 per month for 'affordable' flats.

An artist's impression of the potential development on the Mount Pleasant site Credit: Royal Mail Group

Boris Johnson is expected to grant consent for the development today.

The new site would contain 98 'affordable' rent apartments - with the report suggesting tenants could be charged £1,170 per month for a one bedroom flat, up to £1,690 for a two bedroom and up to £2,800 per month for a four bedroom family home.

The Guardian estimates that a family living in one of the four bedroom flats would need an income of £100,000 to make it affordable.

It's making a complete mockery of the term 'affordable'.

Boris Johnson doesn't really understand social housing in London - or he doesn't care - either way, Londoners are missing out on a great opportunity here for more affordable housing in the middle of London.

– James Murray, Islington Council

Boris to make final decision on Royal Mail flats

Royal Mail's Mount Pleasant site in North London. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire.

Boris Johnson is today expected to approve controversial plans to redevelop land at Royal Mail's Mount Pleasant sorting office in North London.

The proposals include hundreds of flats but have been criticised for their low proportion of affordable homes.

The mayor chose to take the final decision away from Islington and Camden councils after a request by Royal Mail.


Stamps show inside the Royal residence

The grand staircase at Buckingham Palace, as depicted in a new set of stamps Credit: Royal Mail

Royal mail spokesman Andrew Hammond said: "This stamp issue illustrates the development of Buckingham Palace from the private house built by the Duke of Buckingham 300 years ago to one of the most iconic buildings in the world."

He added: "Buckingham Palace is one of the most recognised landmarks in the UK and is a source of pride to the nation; it forms a huge part of our heritage, so it's fitting Royal Mail has been able to dedicate a stamp issue to this most famous of addresses."

The Blue Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace also features in the stamp set Credit: Royal Mail

Queen's main home celebrated in stamps

A watercolour showing Buckingham House as it was in 1819, part of the Royal Mail's new stamp issue Credit: Royal Mail

The Queen's face can be found on every stamp issued in the United Kingdom, and now you can see her primary residence when you send a letter as well.

The Royal Mail has release a 10-stamp set of images celebrating Buckingham Palace, which has been the official London residence of British sovereigns since 1837.

The set includes six stamps featuring watercolours of the exterior of the building through the ages, commissioned by Royal Mail from artist Chris Draper.

...and a watercolour of Buckingham Palace as it appears today Credit: Royal Mail

Royal Mail confirms missing postbox keys in Tooting

Speaking to ITV News, the Royal Mail said:

We can confirm that a small number of postboxes in the Tooting area were sealed after a set of collection keys went missing.

The boxes were cleared of mail before they were sealed so no items were left inside them.

Royal Mail apologises to its customers in Tooting for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We are working to change the locks and reopen the boxes as quickly as possible. In the meantime, customers can use other postboxes in the area or of course drop their mail off at any Post Office branch.

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