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The courier fraud scam

More and more people are being tricked into giving their bank details to fraudsters which can result in them being robbed of thousands of pounds.

The highly sophisticated scam starts with a phone call and ends with a courier being sent to the victim's house to take away their bank cards, and in some cases, other valuables.

Ria Chatterjee spoke to one victim in Essex who wanted to remain anonymous.


Three men held over tourism scam

Three men have been arrested for allegedly posing as police officers and planning to steal cash and credit cards from tourists visiting London.

Scotland Yard said the arrests came after a number of visitors to the capital were approached by men claiming to be officers who then took their credit cards or cash.

Three men, aged 32, 35, and 27, were arrested yesterday in central London for impersonating a police officer and conspiracy to steal.

They were in custody in a central London police station today pending further inquiries.


Met warns of fake computer unit scam

The fake message claims to be from the Met's e-crime unit. Credit: Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police has warned computer users not to be tricked by a fake online message which claims to be from the Met's Police Central e-Crime Unit. A virus causes computers to lock with a message telling the user that they must pay £100 to unlock it.

The Met is warning users not to pay out or enter their bank details. Similar scams have appeared in several other countries.

Hounslow pair jailed over immigration scam

Santosh Koletti who was jailed for the scam Credit: Home Office

Two men involved in an immigration scam have been jailed for a total of 11 years. An investigation by the UK Border Agency found that Srinath Aredla, 39, and Santosh Koletti, 33, both from Hounslow, set up three bogus companies which were fronts to help people remain in the UK illegally.

Srinath Aredla, a solicitor involved in the scam Credit: Home Office

Senior investigating officer Robert Coxhead from the UK Border Agency, said:

“This was a sophisticated scam which netted the perpetrators a large amount of money – we estimate around £800,000.

"That Aredla was prepared to abuse his position as a practicing solicitor to help others break the law makes his offending all the more serious."