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Queen sends first ever tweet at the Science Museum

The Queen has sent her first ever tweet - from the opening of a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Hey Majesty sent the tweet through the official @BritishMonarchy twitter account as she opened the Information Age exhibition, which charts the development of communication technology over the past 200 years.

Her Majesty sends the tweet from the Science Museum Credit: Twitter @BritishMonarchy

The exhibition has taken three years to put together and is one of the most ambitious projects the Museum has ever attempted.

Science Museum evacuated

The Science Museum has been evacuated after a suspicious package was found.

Scientist's seventy year career honoured in exhibition

Scientist James Lovelock Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

James Lovelock, the 94 year old scientist described as 'one of the most important independent scientists of the twentieth century', will see his work honoured in an exhibition opening today at the Science Museum.

The exhibition uncovers achievements from throughout his seventy year career, which saw him work on fields as diverse as medicine, space exploration an environmental science.


Science Museum aims to recreate CERN lab

The Nobel winning scientist who discovered the existence of the 'godparticle' will open a new exhibition at the Science Museum today.

Professor Peter Higgs will tour the new one million pound"Collider" exhibition - the most ambitious exhibition at the museum to date.

The exhibition will be devoted to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the giant atom smashing machine based at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, which confirmed the particle's existence last year.

The Museum hopes to recreate what life is like at the particlephysics laboratory near Geneva.

Child inventor wins Science Museum award

A portable foot shower designed by an 11-year-old from St Albans has won the Science Museum's summer invention competition.

Sophia Laycock's 'Pediclean' washes the sand off your feet when you've been on the beach.

She beat over 60 entries to win a 3D printer worth £2,000.

The device consists of a plastic bottle which attaches to a pipe and when squeezed, dispenses a spray of water onto the feet which are placed on a platform.

It's designed to be light-weight and easy to transport while on holiday.

Sophia said: "I'm really thrilled to win this competition. I've seen foot showers at beaches whilst on holiday, but never seen anything like that in Britain. The 'Pediclean' is just a simple way of cleaning sand off your feet so the sand stays at the beach and doesn't get in the car!"

Mark Champkins, Science Museum Inventor in Residence said: "This product is an ingenious solution to one of the most irritating problems experienced on a trip to the beach." The 'Pediclean' is a smart and simple design that I can imagine in the shops."

Science Museum to turn back hundreds of clocks

As you put the clocks back this weekend, spare a thought for the Science Museum as British Summer Time ends. The museum has to wind back around 500 clocks by 2am on Sunday. The change means darker evenings and an extra hour of daylight in the morning.

Horologist Francis Brodie checks one of the 500 working clocks in the Science Museum Credit: PA Wire

Some MPs are still calling for an end to putting clocks back, calling it a "flawed ritual of plunging the UK into darkness by mid-afternoon".

A large section of the working exhibits needs changin this weekend Credit: PA Wire
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