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Did your child get their first choice of secondary school?

It's been one of the most stressful days for London's children and their parents, but for many, this year, the school place scramble seems to have worked.

There's been an increase in the number of children getting their first choice of secondary school

Nina speaks to John Chard who's from an organisation which helps parents whose children have missed out on the school of their choice.

91% get place at one of top 3 choices

91% of London pupils starting secondary school in September have been offered a place at one of their top three schools, with 71% getting their first choice school, a 5% increase on last year.

Figures from the Pan-London Co-ordinated Admissions Board show that 95% of pupils in London have received a place at one of their six preferred schools.

Parents who have not been allocated a place at one of their chosen schools have either been offered an alternative or will shortly be advised of their options.


Are you facing the appeals process?

Families face scramble for secondary school places

Families across the capital are facing a scramble for limited secondary school places. Thousands will be disappointed today as figures reveal up to ten children have applied for each place in some London schools. Many will be faced with accepting a place at a school they didn't apply to.

If you're in this position and you need help with the next step, head to our Facebook page and post your question for John Chard from School Appeals. He'll be on the programme at 6pm.