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  1. Liz Wickham

New green building opens in east London

The Crystal. Credit: London Tonight

The Crystal, a sustainable building by Siemens, has opened in east London. The uniquely shaped, glass-clad structure covers an area of over 6,300 square metres. It will be used as a conference centre, urban dialogue platform and technology and innovation centre.

The Crystal site. Credit: London Tonight

The Crystal is designed to achieve top scores on the BREEAM and LEED international assessments for energy-efficient buildings. The Crystal cost approximately £30 million by and is the flagship building of Siemens’ Infrastructure and Cities Sector.

The Crystal. Credit: London Tonight

It will be home to Siemens’ global Centre of Competence Cities, a team of multi-disciplinary urban experts, who aim to encourage the growth of sustainable cities through partnerships, research and expert collaboration on solutions.