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Gucci store 'ram raided' in central London

A car was left in the middle of the shop floor

A Mercedes car was left in the middle of a Gucci store in Sloane Square in central London on Wednesday night after an apparent ram raid.

Police around the entrance to the Gucci store in Sloane Square

The Metropolitan Police said that shortly before 10pm a black Mercedes car reversed in to the store, smashing the doors and three suspects grabbed handbags from the store before making off in a second car - a blue Audi A4.

There have been no arrests but police are investigating.

The car is removed from the store


Polar bear spotted in Sloane Square

'Boris' the polar bear will be on show for the next 28 days.

A 12ft polar bear has been unveiled in Sloane Square today to symbolise the plight of the species, raising awareness for the animals.

It helps mark an urgent 28-day campaign calling on UK leaders to support a ban on international polar bear trade at the upcoming meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES.)

The bear is 12 foot tall and weighs 700kgs

The sculpture by Adam Binder was unveiled this morning. ‘Boris’ is a 12-foot, life-size polar bear sculpture cast entirely of bronze and weighs 700 kgs.

Second to climate change and habitat loss, there is near universal agreement that the annual polar bear hunt in Canada and the illegal sale of poached Russian bears is one of the biggest threats to the species.

In the last five years, there was a 375% increase in the number of polar bear skins offered at auctions in Canada, with foreign buyers paying record prices.