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TfL hails 'lowest rise' in black taxi fares after licencing

This year’s increase in taxi fares is the lowest since Transport for London took on responsibility for licensing taxis, TfL’s General Manager of Taxi and Private Hire said today. Helen Chapman added:

As part of our ongoing commitment to licensing a world-class taxi service, we will be conducting a number of reviews over the coming year, including whether increases in taxi fares and tariffs should be introduced at the start of each year, in line with London’s Tube, rail and bus network.


TfL announces black taxi fares set for 'low' rise

Black taxi fares set to rise. Credit: PA

Black cab fares in the capital are going up and could rise again as early as next January.From April 5, London taxi fares will increase by an average of 0.7%, Transport for London (TfL) announced today.

TfL said the below-inflation increase was the lowest since it took responsibility for licensing taxis in 2000 and the rise equated to just 9p more on an average fare.

London cabs to be exported to Australia

London Taxis may be an iconic symbol of the capital, but they are now about to hit the streets a little further away from home - in Perth, Australia.

The cabs will be sporting a new look as well, painted white instead of the traditional black to combat the Australian heat.

The white taxis in production last month before their Australian debut Credit: Press Association

The London Taxi Company has exported a test sample of 98 taxis to the Western Australian city where they will under go trials over the next few weeks.