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Local MP urges people to 'carry on as normal' after tube attacks

Local MP said the stabbing was 'barbaric'. Credit: ITV News

Leyton and Wanstead MP John Cryer said the stabbing of three people at Leytonstone tube station was an "appalling attack" but urged local people to continue as normal.

"It is very frightening for local people. I have been talking to some of the local businesses and obviously they are all very worried about it," he told BBC1's Sunday Politics.

"I think the message is that we carry on as normal, we don't allow this sort of barbaric behaviour to change our lives."

The Labour MP voted against air strikes on Syria, but has warned against linking the stabbing with the decision to start bombing.

Mr Cryer said: "I think it would be dangerous to say this is a direct consequence of air strikes on Syria, however I feel about the air strikes on Syria."


Second day of counter-terror exercise in the Capital

A major counter-terrorism exercise is being carried out in London for a second day to ensure emergency services are prepared.

A mock terrorist firearms attack is being staged in the capital to test the response to a Tunisian-style mass shooting.

Officers, emergency services, soldiers and intelligence officials are taking part in the operation.

Police enact mock shooting in terror training exercise

Armed gunmen stalked the streets of central London today firing blank bullets as part of a police training exercise.

More than 1,000 police took place in the exercise - where gunmen simulated attacking commuters in the London Underground - and more than 12 other agencies and emergency workers.

Rags Martel reports.

Simulated gun attack through central London's streets

Armed gunmen were seen stalking through the streets of central London today as part of the biggest ever police training exercise for a terrorist attack.

The masked men were seen firing guns in the air and throwing what appeared to be grenade-like devices inside the disused Aldwych station.

Preparations for the exercise began around six months ago and events such as the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and the hostage siege in Sydney influenced the test, police said, stressing it was not connected to the Tunisia attacks.

The two-day exercise will see a test of the emergency service response to an attack at the disused Tube station at Aldwych. The vast majority of police officers involved have no idea about the venues or what is planned.

Only around 12 people knew specific details of what was going to happen in advance.

Among those taking part are all of London's emergency services, Greater London Authority, Transport for London, Home Office, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Defence, the Department of Health and NHS England.

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