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Dynamo: wires were just for 'health and safety'

Illusionist Dynamo has defended his levitation stunt at the Shard, after photos emerged clearly showing wires holding him up.

He told The Sun newspaper: “That was a rehearsal and we used those wires for health and safety,” he told The Sun. “It's a shame a picture went out, but that's the world we live in." He added: “The stunt we filmed for the show will give people something to think about when they see the full effect.”


Two experienced 'vertical window cleaners' needed

A job advert has appeared on website for Good People Connect, a social enterprise which specialises in recruiting jobless Southwark residents.

Credit: PA

The advert states: "Do you want to take your career to new heights? We are looking for 2 experienced Vertical Window Cleaners to work at the The Shard and beyond."

Applicants must have some abseil experience and previous cradle work experience.

The Shard evacuation 'quite a quick and easy process'

Once the alarm sounded in the building, the management put procedures into place for the evacuation process.

As we arrived, the commander at the time decided that as a precaution the entire building was to be evacuated and crews quickly worked alongside building management to make sure that occurred.

Evacuating such large numbers of people can impede crews if there is a fire apparent but because it has been practised a number of times and we have worked alongside building management on a number of exercises, it was quite a quick and easy process.

– Keeley Foster, London Fire Brigade Station Manager
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