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Knife injuries to under-25s fall by 27%

Over the last year the number of gang members in custodyor subject to legal restrictions or licence restrictions has more than doubled and the Met are reporting that instances of serious youth violence has fallen:

  • 1,871 fewer victims of serious youth violence - reduced by 28% over the last financial year
  • Knife injuries to people under 25 have fallen by 27%; 484 fewer victims
  • 92 fewer shootings - a 19% reduction
  • Since April 2012 five gun-related homicides compared with 15 in the same period the previous year

Met gets results on gangs

The Metropolitan Police say 802 gang offenders are in custody

A total of 802 gang offenders are in custody according to the latest data released by the Met. A further 101 gang offenders are subject to ASBOs, gang injunctions or other court orders and 105 have been released from prison with licence conditions.

These restrictions can have a range of conditions, including restricting who gang members can associate with, where they can go and even put restrictions around their use of mobile phones.


The Met defend Trident Independent Advisory Group decision

The Metropolitan Police has defended its decision to reform its independent advisory group that deals with gun crime in London

Community engagementremains at the core of Trident and as such our IAG continues to play afundamental part in how we engage with London's communities. Since the newcommand was launched in February 2012, it has become clear that our IAG neededto be more representative of the communities that we serve.

– Metropolitan Police Service

TheMet added that the new IAG, which it will chair temporarily, will have members from18 London boroughs and "from the St Giles Trust, the Princes Trust andvarious youth, faith and community groups from across the capital".

Met Police reform their gang violence panel

The Chair of the Trident Independent Advisory Group hasaccused the MET of removing her from the panel because she has been critical ofthem in the past.

Claudia Webbe has been the Chairperson of New Scotland Yard's Operation Trident Independent Advisory Group after pioneering its development

Claudia Webbe says the Independent Advisory group wasset up to bring the police and community together and she says therestructuring of the group which advises Scotland yard on gang and gun crime isa 'backward step' for race relations.

The Met says it is changing the IAG for its Trident unitto make it more representative of the community. But Ms Webbe says the forcehas taken more control of the group and that some new members are actually fromgroups with police contracts and could have a conflict of interest.


Metropolitan Police to set up foreign unit

The Metropolitan Police is creating a unit comprised of foreign officers to help tackle the threat from overseas offenders.

The Met has put in a request for £2.2million of funding from Europe which would allow officers from other countries to join the force.

The Metropolitan Police's current headquarters Credit: PA

The new team would work closely with existing police here but would not have the power of arrest.

Romania and Poland have already agreed to sign up to the initiative. They could be followed shortly by Lithuania and Ireland who are holding discussions with the Met.

The unit isunderstood to form part of Operation Nexus, which combines police andimmigration intelligence to tackle foreign criminals in London and has led tothe removal of some of the capital's highest-harm criminals.

More than 300 foreign criminals have been deported since the joint initiative launched by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and the Metropolitan Police Service at the start of September.

Twelve year old boy shot in east London

A 12-year-old boy has been injured after he was shot in the knee in east London.

The youngster was gunned down in a Hackney street shortly after 9pm yesterday, but he had left the scene by the time emergency services arrived.

He later appeared at a north London hospital where he was treated for the gunshot wound and subsequently discharged.

Officers from Trident, the force's unit which tackles gang and gun crime, are appealing for witnesses following the incident in Sewdley Street in the Lower Clapton area of Hackney.

Police are continuing to investigate and so far no arrests have been made.