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New residents at ZSL London Zoo

African hunting dog litter Credit: ZSL

London Zoo will show off their latest arrivals today.

A litter of African hunting puppies were born just over three weeks ago, but after health checks they can now be shown to visitors.

The endangered species are the first to be born at the zoo in almost 80 years.

Lucifer the 30-stone lion gets health check

Spare a thought for the vets at London Zoo who have been looking after Lucifer, the 30 stone lion.

The Asian big cat's been given a heath check to make sure he's fit and ready to join a new breeding group for the endangered species in a new location.

Lucifer the Lion given a health check before he moves to a new breeding group Credit: ZSL
Vets had to give the 11-year-old an all-over examination Credit: ZSL

Zookeepers had to train the 11-year-old lion, named after his studbook number 666, to lie on his side so they could administer an anesthetic with an injection.

He's part of a special Zoological Society of London campaign, Lion400, aimed at raising £5.7 million to save the species.

Vets gave him an all-over examination in his enclosure down to checking the inside of his mouth to check his teeth.

He's been given a clean bill of health and will move later this week.


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