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London Zoo welcomes a new visitor from America - Forrest the Kinkajou

Kinkajous originate in Central and South America. Credit: ZSL

London Zoo has welcomed a new attraction - a six-month old kinkajou. Forrest, as he's been named, was hand-reared in Scotland but has now moved into the zoo in Regent's Park.

Forrest is getting used to his new home. Credit: ZSL

Kinkajous live in tropical rainforests and are omnivores. His new keepers are feeding him figs and peaches to make him feel at home.

Kinkajous drink nectar from plants which they extract using their long tongues. They also have long tails which they use to hang from trees.

The zoo has released a video explaining about Forrest:

Winners of animal photography competition revealed

The winning image in the ZSL Animal Photography Prize. Credit: Zoological Society of London.

This action shot of a chameleon as it snares its prey has scooped the top prize in an animal photography competition.

The Zoological Society of London's annual contest attracted thousands of entries for its adult and children's categories.

Other winners included shots of a Gentoo penguin jumping over the waves and a black-and-white portrait of a orangutan.

A Gentoo penguin jumps over the waves. Credit: Zoological Society of London.